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EPIC FAIL: Staples kicks Moms Demand Action out of corporate HQ

Moms Demand Action’s star is fading fast.

The wholly Bloomberg-owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Gun Ownership (or something like that) went to Staples Corporate HQ today to hand off petitions with a measly 12,000 signatures demanding Staples ban guns in their stores.

Not only would nobody from the company meet with them – not even the mail clerk – but Staples “asked them to leave”.

FK – I have a job for them:


Contact Your Congressmen About Their Freedom Index Scores

As our federal government careens more and more out of compliance with the Constitution, some conservatives (and some liberals) tell us that what’s needed is an Article V convention for proposing amendments to the Constitution. That’s right. Incredibly, their solution for government not obeying the Constitution is to change the Constitution.

However, the best solution is for more and more voters to hold their representatives and senators in Congress accountable to the Constitution. Fortunately, The New American newsmagazine has been publishing “The Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution” for nearly 30 years. “The Freedom Index” provides scorecards for every member of Congress on ten key votes four times every two-year session of Congress.

FK – Can’t agree with the Birchers on everything since they’re terrified of the ‘m’ word, but they’ve done a lot of good.

Massie Defends 2nd Amdt in meeting w/ Brady Campaign, DC Mayor, Delegate Norton, & Asst Police Chief

FK – At least someone we sent up there is doing something… And did you see that real fear in the eyes of the “Liberal”(commie) trash? We need MUCH MORE of that until they all decide they don’t belong here and leave. But I know better. They’ll have to be forced out because the creatures can’t exist without working to enslave those around them. It’s their nature.

Petition Your State Reps: All Police Must Wear Cameras

The facts are in. Watched cops are polite cops.


“Earlier this year, a 12-month study by Cambridge University researchers revealed that when the city of Rialto, California, required its cops to wear cameras, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88% and the use of force by officers dropped by almost 60%. Watched cops are polite cops.”

Massively reduced police violence?  An incredible reduction in police officer complaints?  Tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars potentially saved nationwide in reduced payouts to victims of police abuse?

How can we say no to putting cameras on cops?!

Lets face facts, not all police officers are good.  There are plenty of stories about bad cops doing horrible things to members of the public every single day.  Plenty of police officers will abuse the power of their position to take advantage of members of the public.  Police will steal, rape, plant drugs on innocent people, and much more.  Isn’t it worth the simple step of putting cameras on cops to deter bad cops from taking advantage of the public’s trust?

FK – Next we need cameras on all politicians…

Top Documentary Films – Who is Jesus And The True Story of the Catholic Church

FK – So the great deception has been with us all along. Don’t doubt that much of this is true. I’ve thought for a while it’s awful fishy that mainstream christianity’s religion tells them to blindly obey the government, or at least that’s how it’s ‘interpreted’ in most churches. The point is to not blindly trust anyone’s version because they all ignore those aspects of human nature/behavior they find inconvenient. The elites know they’re dealing with sheeple. Do you?

Calif. School District Decides Learning about Diversity Is More Important Than Learning Geography

El Rancho Verde Unified School District will stop requiring its high-school students to take geography and instead require them to take a class on diversity and inclusion.

ERUSD president Aurora Villon said the class is necessary because minority students “need to feel validated.”

FK – Wow. Their relatives seem to know north from south fairly well. I meet people on a regular basis who don’t.