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Vanderboegh BamaCarry speech highlights ‘two countries’ and new paradigm

Liberty activist, citizen journalist and founder of the “Three Percent” movement Mike Vanderboegh addressed attendees at the 2015 Alabama Firearms Freedom Conference hosted by BamaCarry in Pelham Saturday. The “debut” event for the “no compromise” gun rights group featured several speakers, including political figures, among the right to keep and bear arms advocates.

FK – That’s the ‘all’ that’s in the dictionary.

Obama’s ATF proposal on M855 ammo fuels fears of backdoor gun control

FK – Conspiracy theories? Which ones? I want to know, because so many of them have turned out to be true.

Illinois Democrat’s ‘Firearms Registration Act’ may test new paradigm

FK – That such trash is not automatically arrested, tried and executed shows how far gone we are.

Doctor claims it dangerous to ‘expose’ young teenagers to machine guns

FK – Our domestic blood enemies fear being exposed to our machine guns. That’s all it’s about.

Federal agents ‘catch and release’ open carry activist in Washington

FK – When we’re forced to start catching, we won’t release…

Washington activists plan peaceful armed assembly response to activist’s arrest

FK – If they keep pushing they’ll get more than flummoxed…

Emily gets her gun permit ‘preliminary approval’; alert on hearing in Olympia

Miller was the 15th person to be granted a carry permit out of 76 applicants. Thirty-one of those applications were turned down, she reported, and another five cancelled their applications. This is the way gun prohibitionists would like the right to bear arms regulated in every corner of the country.

FK – Some good news? When will we stop begging this trash for our Liberty?

“There are some people who imagine that they can disarm their enemy by complacent flattery. They are wrong. The world has always belonged to the stronger and will belong to them for many years to come. Men only respect those who make themselves respected. Whoever becomes a lamb will find a wolf to eat him.” – Vilfredo Pareto

Common Core Testing Regime Ruled Unconstitutional

In a development with massive implications for the Obama administration’s ongoing attempt at nationalizing education with Common Core, a Missouri judge ruled this week that the federally funded testing regime for the controversial standards was unconstitutional. The ruling means that the state of Missouri is officially prohibited from participating in the “Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium” (SBAC), a key element of Common Core enforcement, because it’s an “unconstitutional interstate compact.”

The lawsuit against participation in the scheme was filed late last year by a group of taxpayers seeking to uphold the rule of law, safeguard public funds, and stop Common Core. Judge Daniel R. Green, with the Circuit Court of Cole County, Missouri, ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and ordered the state to immediately halt all involvement with the federally funded “multi-state” testing regime. In particular, Judge Green noted that Congress had never approved the interstate compact being foisted on states by the Obama administration’s Department of Education.

“The Court finds that the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, a.k.a. Smarter Balanced, Smarter Balanced at UCLA, SBAC, and SB, is an unlawful interstate compact to which the U.S. Congress has never consented, whose existence and operation violate the Compact Clause of the U.S. Constitution, Article I, § 10, cl. 3, as well as numerous federal statutes,” the judge ruled. “Missouri’s participation in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium as a member is unlawful under state and federal law.”

As such, the court declared that “any putative obligations, including the obligation to pay membership fees, of the State of Missouri to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium … are illegal and void.” The judge also declared that “no Missouri taxpayer funds may be disbursed to SBAC in the form of membership fees, whether directly or indirectly.” Finally, the court permanently prohibited state officials, and “all those in active concert with them,” from “taking any action to implement or otherwise effectuate any payment of Missouri funds as membership fees to SBAC, whether directly or indirectly.”

FK – They’ve been ‘reforming’ the government schools all my life and they’re churning out morons who can barely read their electric bills and who vote for liars who keep telling them the same lies. They know what they’re doing after all.

John Taylor Gatto – The Purpose Of Schooling

FK – The elites know full well what they do…

John Taylor Gatto – 01 The Elite Private Boarding Schools

Ann Coulter: Why Is Congress Worrying About ISIS When Illegals Are Killing People Every Day Right Here In America?

You can always tell the media are hiding something when they obsessively focus on Muslim atrocities someplace else in the world. Cable TV could cover Muslim atrocities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from 632 A.D. to the end of time, without repeating themselves.

For at least a year after 9/11, I used to turn on the TV, and if I saw a “Survivor” contestant, I’d think, “Good. No news.” These days, I turn on the TV, and if I see former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, I think, “Good. No news.”

By now, the public knows more about ISIS than they know about the Kardashians. But it has no idea that the very same Senate Democrats who claimed to oppose Obama’s amnesty when they were campaigning are currently filibustering a bill to defund it, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready to cave.

FK – So where are our real enemies? Might they be the ones who write the ‘laws’ that allow all this?

Republicans start to renege on numerous promises

FK – Didn’t vote for McConnell, knew better.

We must get across to those assholes that we don’t send them up there to stand around with their fingers in the dike.

FK – At least with Frank, ya’ know what ya’ got.

Can Revolution Produce Freedom in the Technological Age of Surveillance and Control?

FK – Nothing will get better until the upper middle class, the sheeple with money, figure out there’s no more corn in the trough. This combined with large unemployment, as occurred during the colonial era so the average dumbass is not distracted by his ‘job’ and his big screen tv.

We tried to build a militia back in the late 90s and early 2000s but too many can still go get a steak and an ice cream cone or go play golf and pretend everything’s OK. When the govt.s finally have to admit they’re broke, we may see a ‘change’ but there’s no guarantee that ‘change’ will be good.

BATF Ammo Ban Violates Its Own Regs As Well As The Constitution

FK – This will not be solved permanently until enough develop the resolve to hang lots of expensive suits along Pennsylvania Ave. and Wall St.

GOA Alert: Will Obama be Forced to Swallow a Repeal of the AR-15 Ammo Ban?

ATF’s ban on common AR-15 ammo

As GOA activists know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) recently proposed a ban on “green tip” AR-15 ammo.

The ban is completely lawless and unconstitutional, and there are legislators who want to fight the ban.

At least one Republican office is considering an amendment to block Obama’s illegal AR-15 ammunition ban by attaching it to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill.

But if you’ve been watching the news, you know that there is a royal battle right now over this bill because of Obama’s Executive Amnesty, something that GOA has reported on before.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators and Representative. Urge them to support a repeal of ATF’s AR-15 ban. And tell them to vote against the DHS funding bill — specifically urging your Senators to vote against any cloture motion that would facilitate it.

FK – This is a multi-front war. Act politically but prepare for what history shows will be required.

2nd Amendment Rally at Knob Creek Gun Range

Saturday, February 28, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Join 970 AM The Answer and Knob Creek in defense of our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. Resistance-Radio host Jim Coyle will emcee the event with guest speakers ranging from 2015 Gubernatorial Candidate Matt Bevin to Project Apple Seed, Gun Owners of America, Freedom Training Group, The NRA, Rick Howlan: the Black Heart Conservative from 970 AM The Answer and more. Grassroots activist and local business will have booths on hand to spread information and rally people to action in defense of the constitution! This is your chance to learn more about guns, gun safety, self-defense, security and what is happening in the courtroom and at the UN that could affects your 2nd amendment rights! Come out and stand up for the Constitution and experience the local gun community on a whole new level.

Location: Knob Creek Gun Range, 690 Ritchey Lane West Point, KY 40177 (1 mile off Dixie Highway on Highway 44)
Sponsored By: 970AM The Answer

FK – Thanks to the Marxist mutt for proving my point above.