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Stop the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA)

TPA, TPP, TTIP — and now TiSA! Much of the debate over current trade policy and the proposed global governance structures that would emanate from it have revolved around this ever-increasing list of alphabet-soup measures.

Although not nearly as well-known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) should not be overlooked. Equally potent and potentially even more debilitating to our nation’s independence and domestic economy than the TPP and TTIP, the proposed TiSA currently being negotiated would be imposed on the entire world, not just a particular region.

The TiSA would give the UN’s World Trade Organization (WTO) unprecedented control of the service sector, including jobs in banking, finance, courier and postal services, delivery and freight services, energy distribution, health care, insurance, maritime, professional services, legal services, licensing, real estate, telecommunications, transportation, tourism, and much more. According to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, such services “account for three-quarters of U.S. GDP and 4 out of 5 jobs in the United States.”

As for its stated purpose, the Office of U.S. Trade Representative’s website declares: “TiSA will support the development of strong, transparent, and effective regulatory policies, which are so important to enabling international commerce.”


Please take the following actions:

FK – After NAFTA was pushed through a congress controlled by ‘the party of the little man’ and signed by klinton, which said it was against it during its first campaign for the now red house, 30 million of us should’ve gone up there and hung expensive suits along Pennsylvania Ave. What should we do if this passes?

TISA, Yet Another Secret “Trade” Threat

Obama Wants to Tie the UN Noose Even Tighter Around the Necks of Gun Owners

Obama wants more UN-styled gun control

Right now White House officials are booking flights to Mexico…… and they’re not bringing back souvenirs.

They’re on their way to the UN Small Arms Conference, to be held in Mexico City on August 24.

And they’re planning to bring back the framework for a global gun control regime.

It’s important that you contact your Senators right now and tell them to vote NO on any agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.

Obama has already signed the UN Small Arms Treaty and it is waiting ratification by the Senate.

Obama’s global gun grabbers are jetting down to Mexico to iron out the details of this tyrannical new regime.

It requires signing nations to “establish and maintain a national control system, including a national control list.”

That means not just NATIONAL gun registration. You will be entered into a GLOBAL gun registration database (according to Article V, Section 4 of the treaty).

ACTION: Click here to contact your senators. Tell them to vote NO on any UN gun control agreement reached at the Mexico UN conference.

FK – Until we begin to twist some hemp around the necks of those responsible for such garbage it won’t end. But that will require a nation of men, something we don’t have as far as I can tell.


Murray signs Seattle gun tax; Detroit top cop has better idea

FK – They’re not ‘progressives.’ They’re communists. Calling them by the cute names they labeled themselves with to hide their evil only furthers their agenda: our total enslavement.

It’s not about crime. Crime is a red herring. The “Liberal”(commie) trash want us disarmed so we can’t kill them when enough finally awake to the necessity of doing what will be required.

I’ve long been in favor of ‘re-wilding’ the cities. Spend the money some want to waste on a border fence and enclose our real enemies. Erect a 14′ high fence around all major metropolitan areas and release grizzlies, cougars, wolves and rattlesnakes. Then let the eco-commie freaks ‘get back to nature.’ Disallow those who choose to arm themselves from shooting any wildlife that is feeding on “Liberal”(commie) trash.



Oathkeepers, in partnership with CATI Armor, are asking for support from our members to help raise money to get liberty artist and honorary OK member Jordan Page’s powerful 2nd amendment anthem ‘Arm Yourselves’ professionally recorded and to produce a music video. We will be adopting Arm Yourselves as a national theme song and will use it and the music video as a flagship tool for direct outreach to active military on bases in the US. The video will feature Oath Keepers from around the country standing in solidarity against state violence and corruption.

Here is a live performance of Arm Yourselves from Jordan’s performance at PAULfest in 2012.

FK – Click on the header link to read the lyrics. We need millions more like him.

This one’s even better:



FKIn reality the word ‘illegal’ isn’t in the Second Amendment. If they come under the purview of the police the question is why aren’t they arrested and sent home, with their gun?

Predictive Programming For The Coming US Civil War In New Captain America Movie

FK – Back in the 90s I expected civil war to break out before 2000, during the klinton era, when hitlery didn’t have to run for election.

Now I understand that for that to happen the hogs will have to figure out there’s no more corn in the trough. Anything else will likely be fake.

But I do keep dreaming…

Special Report: Border Wars Coming Soon

FK – Fences work both ways. End the drug war and end the policies that bring them here and most certainly end the commie attempt to turn illegals into voters.

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

FK – We must absolutely stop allowing the “Liberal”(commie) trash to dictate our language, our actions, the flags we fly, the weapons we own. This will eventually require an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season whereby we eradicate enough of the garbage to end its influence on our governments.



Trump On Hillary: Worst Secretary Of State In History

FK – The problem is the idiots keep voting for a candidate to “…make amerika great again…” No president is capable of that, well unless we get one with the backbone and gonads to do what will be required, which I’m not holding my breath for. Even Paul doesn’t have that much courage. We are a nation of cowardly whores.

I was going to lead this post with a Rand Paul vid on Trump that showed trump harping on the klintons and what nice ‘people'(loosely defined) they are. Then I noticed Paul has disabled comments on that vid and apparently on others, ticking off a lot of YouTubers and would be voters. I may be a past voter because of it. We’re truly in the shit can on this prez election cycle. But then that’s really nothing different.

Free speech is what the internet is. If Paul or his lackeys don’t get that they have a serious problem and deserve no more of anyone’s support. Holding their feet to the fire means just that.

Putting another NWO RINO hack in the now red house will only put millions of ‘conservative'(loosely defined) idiots back to sleep as they saunter off to the couch or the golf course or the fishin’ hole or the stock market, whatever their thing is. Hitlery in the now red house will at least keep everyone awake and pissed off and learning, and they all have so much more to learn in order to accept the reality of what will be required.

Can Game Theory Help A Presidential Candidate Win?

FK – After Jesse Ventura won his governor’s race he says the CIA visited him and asked him how he did it because they didn’t see him coming. Maybe you should look into why they would do such a thing, and why the mainstream newswhores tell the brain dead sheeple “He can’t win,” and they obediently vote for one of the approved candidates…

Josh Cook interviews Stewart Rhodes, president of Oath Keepers

FK – An interesting comment on the vid and my response:

teddybruscie 1 day ago
I see the problem here. He has a misunderstanding of what’s going on.

The issue isn’t a false choice, the issue is the people in Ferguson never had the choice to begin with. Black people have been discouraged from having guns through felony disenfranchisment laws that tell you that if your commited a felony you can’t own a gun. A black person with a gun has historically been a threat. We’ve lived with this for generations. We don’t arm ourselves because we fear we would be gunned down unjustly and we know the cops will fix the evidence and assassinate our character to justify their actions. So it’s a systemic problem. Our skin is already a threat, to have a gun would only increase that threat. Now you can say that that’s a false perception but black bodies are constantly seen as threatening and thanks to places like Fox News a black person with a gun is typically portrayed as a thug simply by how he chooses to dress.

As far as police presence we don’t have a say in that. Black communities have been a police state for a century. We’ve never had control over them. So the presence we get is what we get.

And if you look at the Ferguson report you would see that the police have systematically violated, suppressed and removed the rights of the black people in Ferguson to where if they were to get a gun much of them would be have been arrested. So people can’t practice rights that they’re not allowed to practice.

So he’s talking about choices we’ve never safely had.

And the reason there was backlash is because people did not know who they were so they saw them as an extension of the Police through vigilantism that we attribute now with George Zimmerman. So people saw them as a group of Zimmermans looking for a reason to shoot black people.

But my biggest issue isn’t even with them, it really with black groups like the Nation of Islam and the Huey P Newton gun club who should have been there instead of them. Who should have been out there with their guns and protecting the people of Ferguson.

waypasthadenough 1 second ago
+teddybruscie Sir, what political ideology has the black urban population been voting into power all these years? What color is their skin? Who are our real enemies?

Police Chief Admits Gun Rights Are a Headache

FK – The significant thing to me is we have a reporter walking around in ‘America’ with a bullet proof vest on. We are in the middle of a slow escalation.

The communist(liberal and progressive) insurgency responsible for this evil must be rooted out as well as those truly responsible for the ‘drug war’ and the ‘welfare state.’

The police ‘leadership’ answers to the “Liberal”(commie) trash that runs these larger cities. They are our enemies, our greatest enemies. If we had a nation of men they’d be hanging from light poles and trees from shore to shore, from border to border.

The goal needs to be for everyone to be able to defend themselves under liberty. The ameri-commies will gladly arm themselves and repeat what they did all through the 20th century, murder in the name of their evil authoritarianism.

The Federale goons would just as happily arrest you if they felt they could get away with it with the black-robed shysters and beast system prosecutors standing by to railroad you into prison.

We need a nation-wide force to deal with this evil. We need it yesterday, actually two decades ago and more.

And it’s so funny and so sweet that the mainstream commie newswhores were beat up by the products of their propaganda and the evil system they defend and seek to enlarge. Too bad the thugs didn’t rid us of them completely. They will happily see us all killed for opposing their communism.

The best ‘management’ we could employ for this situation would be an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season whereby we eradicate enough of our blood domestic enemies to restore Liberty and the Bill of Rights to this country for they will not stop forcing their evil upon us until we force them to stop.

From Oathkeepers:

The Truth In Ferguson



Cornyn Mental Health Bill Promises Protection but Raises Concerns

NRA News Cam & Co | Chris W. Cox: “We’re Going to Win This Country Back”

FK – There’s not supposed to be any such thing as an ‘illegal’ gun or ‘illegal’ gun owner. There are no ‘good gun laws.’ It reads thusly: “…shall not be infringed.” Dictionaries are free online nowadays. We must stop apologizing to our domestic blood enemies and stop pretending that their rhetoric(propaganda) has any relevance what so ever. Doing so only helps them destroy us.

The battle for the Second Amendment, defined on a web page linked below, is part of a larger war for the entire Bill of Rights and for the entire country and for the future of human Liberty. We could ‘win’ the gun battle and still lose the war.

The NRA needs to cleanse its ranks of RINOs and fat cats who only care about votes or safaris or clay pigeons. A Second Amendment treated as a toy to be taken out of the gun safe on weekends and played with at the range is a toy that can be regulated and repealed.

Without the backbone and gonads to openly discuss the evil we face and what will be required to destroy our domestic blood enemies who have white skin and aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world the NRA or any other ‘gun rights’ groups is just an empty shell waiting for the right foot to crush it.

As for the ‘so-called Second Amendment groups,’ I’ve been watching all this for 20 years, since I began waking up. The NRA had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this war. Simple fact. And it’s still a long-long way from where it should be.

Why isn’t the NRA openly working with the militias, Oathkeepers and other groups to train people for what will be required?

Every presidential administration in my lifetime has waged war on the Bill of Rights and human Liberty. If anything the Marxist mutt has helped our cause because it keeps gun and ammo sales high and keeps the ‘conservative’ idiots off the golf course and the couch so that maybe they’ll eventually learn enough about the situation we face to understand and take personal responsibility for what will be required.

Putting a RINO NWO hack in the now red house will not help us. It will only put millions of idiots back to sleep. Every republicrat candidate in the race is questionable, even Rand Paul, and he’s the only one who’s even in the ball park of what a president is supposed to be. The rest aren’t worth the hemp it would take to remove them from this mortal coil.

What they say during a campaign means nothing. Their records and affiliations, past and present, are all that matter.

Questions for your candidate

What must be done – A manifesto of the ‘isms.’

Governments will always be able to get guns so we must always be better armed than them.

Act politically but prep for what history shows will have to be done. It’s way past time to prep for what will be required.