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GOA Alert: Battle over Loretta Lynch Nomination Gets ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’

— Call, email and show up at Town Hall meetings of your Senators

Three months ago, the lapdog media was convinced that the confirmation of Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch was a “slam dunk.”  Now, not so much.

Lynch, as you may remember, has been characterized as “Eric Holder in a skirt.”  She committed, under oath, to continue to push Holder’s unconstitutional anti-gun executive amnesty.  She is in favor of a semi-auto ban, which should be of interest at a time when the Justice Department is using every means possible to ban semi-autos by executive fiat.

In addition, when asked about the central pillar of Barack Obama’s anti-gun push — the universal background check/gun registry — she claimed not to really know anything about it.  Which leads to one of two conclusions:  Either Lynch is a liar and a perjurer or she is far too ignorant to be Attorney General.

Lynch’s nomination is particularly pivotal because she is viewed as being groomed to be the fifth anti-gun vote on the U.S. Supreme Court, replacing either Anthony Kennedy or Antonin Scalia. Of course, if Lynch were to be confirmed to the court — riding on the wings of her AG confirmation — both Heller and McDonald would be overturned.  The Second Amendment, as far as the courts are concerned, would be a nullity.

FK – The SCOTUS is NOT the final arbiter of our rights. We are. Time to prep for what will be required.

More Second Amendment(our most basic right) news:

Want to live? Consider a pre-mortem exam

Tannerite files libel suit against NBC for calling company bomb-makers (VIDEO)

Kansas becomes the 6th constitutional carry state

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback gave his signature to a popular bill Thursday to allow lawful concealed carry of handguns in Kansas without a permit starting this summer.

Introduced to the state Senate in January with an impressive 26 co-sponsors, the bill passed that body with ease by a sweeping 31-7 vote before heading to the House in March where it was approved by a healthy 85-39 bipartisan margin.

“Responsible gun ownership, for protection and sport, is a right inherent in our Constitution,” Brownback said at Thursday’s signing ceremony. “It is a right that Kansans hold dear and have repeatedly and overwhelmingly reaffirmed a commitment to protecting.”

FK – One wonders how a politician with a clue actually got elected…

There are Kentuckians who are working on catching up.

Here’s a guv that’s obviously firing for effect:

NJ governor pardons Philly mom who crossed border with gun (VIDEO)

FK – Will Kentucky’s next governor support and enlarge our most basic right?:

Analyzing Obama’s UFO Interview – Spacing Out! Ep. 109

Obama UFO interview analyzed

FK – The Marxist mutt is lying whenever it opens it mouth as is all “Liberal”(commie) trash. I’ve been nearly convinced for some time that when our elected public servants get to the District of Commie Criminals they’re taken into a room and shown a picture of their families and told “This is what they look like now. Continue to play ball and they’ll stay that way,” or some such.

The Marxist mutt was a tool for years so it probably already knew the score when it got into the game.

FK – They called themselves demons and angels so we wouldn’t figure out what they really are…

FK – What if some huckster claims “Christ spoke to me and said we’re supposed to be happy being slaves cause we’ll have paradise in the next life?” Sorry, they’ve been doing that for 2000 years.

What if there are 3 kids in each car and the drivers don’t like the idea that the computer picked the one that shouldn’t have been in the street to die?

What if it’s the Easter bunny and billions of kids wouldn’t get their candy?

Why the Article V Convention Must Be Opposed

The Constitution provides us several avenues to amend, or change it. The avenue most Americans are familiar with is the amendment. The least known, until now, is the convention, also identified in Article V. The convention, known in this day as the Convention of the States (CoS), would be convened for the purpose of proposing amendments. Is there anything else that could happen? I can’t say for sure, but consider this: if the US Government had any chance of ridding itself of the chains that Jefferson prescribed, do you think it would take the chance? Any way to rid itself formally of the Bill of Rights?

Who would be sent to this Convention? Remember, if the Article V machinery is sent into motion, think about who will control it? Our current federal government? How many times have you been frustrated with the failure of congressional leadership in both houses to uphold their oaths, or to put our interests first? Guess what? They’ll be forming and planning the convention. Uh oh. There are several pieces of state legislation in the Texas Legislature right now to specify delegates, how they are selected, their qualifications, etc. That sounds great on paper, doesn’t it? Will the delegates faithfully execute the charter given them by the various state legislatures around the country? What did the delegates to the last convention do? Here is the exhausting detail in which the convention is described.

FK – We desperately need to conduct an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season before any such convention is held, to make sure no foxes get into the hen house. It wouldn’t hurt to eradicate a few republicrats and other assorted authoritarians along the way as well.

They lied about the ratification of the 16th Amendment. Think it can’t happen again? If they re-write the entire document, they’ll make up the rules, new rules, as they go along anyway.

The only way I’d agree to it would be with a militia contingent outside the front door to arrest, try and execute any trash that threatened the Bill of rights or the separation of powers in any way. Our domestic blood enemies would love to saddle us with a parliament or something worse.

Battle Over Constitutional Convention Rages in Texas

FK – “It was not clear how a con-con aimed at balancing the federal budget would rein in the out-of-control Supreme Court.”

Because if certain elements gain control of the convention they’ll ditch the Constitution and create their own hell on Earth and try to force us at the point of a gun to exist under it.

The only way I’d agree to such a thing is with a militia contingent outside the front door to monitor the events and arrest, try for treason and execute any trash that attempts to damage the Bill of Rights or our separation of powers.


Here’s what our domestic blood enemies, that we should be hunting and eradicating, the “Liberal”(commie) trash, would like to do:

It’s Not Too Late: Save Democracy By Amending the Constitution

The Constitution should be clarified so that it sustains rather than throttles democracy. Do away with the Electoral College. Ban the practice of gerrymandering. Close the loophole that allows governors to appoint cronies to vacant Senate seats. And then get serious: ask, as Congressman Victor Berger did more than a century ago, why America maintains a House of Lords–like Senate where, today, the vote of a member elected by 121,000 Wyomingites can cancel out the vote of a member elected by 7.8 million Californians. Consider electing members of the House to four-year terms that parallel those of the president, so that the popular will of 131 million voters in the presidential elections can’t be stymied by 90 million midterm voters. Object to any calculus that prevents a majority-black District of Columbia and a majority-Hispanic Puerto Rico from becoming states. Re-examine every barrier to democracy, including those of poverty, ignorance and incapacity. When Franklin Roosevelt spoke of the freedoms required to shape democratic societies, he included “freedom from want” and “freedom from fear.” Let’s restart that debate about freedom and democracy. And let’s do so not in the drab language of bureaucratic reform, but in the radical language of giving power to the people. No constitution can repair every breach in society, but a renewed US Constitution can clear the way for the people—the whole people, as opposed to a handful of elites—to forge a more perfect union.

FK – “Democracy is the road to socialism” – Karl Marx

This is hilarious, where the most commies are:

FK – Yep. So why do so many ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarian’ types still call our domestic blood enemies “Liberals” and “progressives,” when those are only cute titles they adopted to hide their real evil? We must stop apologizing to those who would totally enslave us and treat them as the dangerous enemies they are.

And our domestic blood enemies prove him right:

FK – Thanks to these goons for proving once again our dire need for an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season.

Here’s the explanation from the vid page on what this was about: “Washington, DC– United States Student Association (USSA) staff members interrupted several interviews and blocked students from speaking to two Campus Reform reporters at a student-led protest Friday.”


Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

“In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defense”, whatever they decide that is.” (The Intel Hub)

While millions of people have been preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event by relocating to rural homesteads or farms, as well as stockpiling food, water, personal defense armaments and other essential supplies with the intention of utilizing these preparations if the worst happens, the latest executive order signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012 makes clear that in the event of a nationally deemed emergency all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government.

The signing of the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order grants the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense and other agencies complete control of all US resources, including the ability to seize, confiscate or re-delegate resources, materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense as delegated by the following agencies:

FK – This is dated back in March. Tons of interesting comments. The biggest danger may well be ‘local.’

Cliven Bundy’s Battle With BLM Continues

FK – Maybe Nevada needs to activate its militia… and hope the commiefornians don’t invade:

How Many People Will Have To Migrate Out Of California When All The Water Disappears?

FK – Send them to Australia. The rest of the states don’t need any commiefornians.

How to Worship the State

FK – And to think a former Canadian told me the Queen has no power in their govt. now…

And don’t forget religions, all of which were born of ancient tyrannies: “Obey me or I’ll torture and kill you!”

What are you really pledging to?:


Blind obedience and blind faith will enslave and/or kill you:

FK – Back in the 80s when I attended Western Kentucky University they had a policy, if you owed any department a dime, that had to be paid before any other business could be conducted. I knew then they were conditioning us…

Same leftist media attacking Indiana’s religious freedom law openly supports doctors discriminating against parents who avoid vaccines for religious reasons

Bigotry is totally acceptable in America, according to the leftist media, as long as that bigotry targets the “correct” groups of minorities. Case in point: The same leftist media now engaged in mass hysteria over Indiana’s religious freedom law — falsely claiming the law would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians — openly condones doctors discriminating against minority groups of people who have a religious objection to being injected with toxic vaccines.

According to the leftist media, so-called “anti-vaxxers” are fair game for every kind of bigotry, hate speech, public shaming and condemnation anyone can come up with. And the children harmed by vaccines who must suffer a lifetime of permanent damage? They are utterly ignored by the mainstream media. (See horrific photos of vaccine-damaged children here.)

No, you’re being told it is only important to protect gays, lesbians and transgenders, but not to protect the religious freedoms of parents who object to vaccine medical interventions for their children. The “rights” of the minority group of children who are genetically susceptible (or nutritionally susceptible due to mineral deficiencies) to being damaged by toxic vaccine adjuvants are wholly abandoned. (Vaccines given to children today continue to be manufactured with aluminum, mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and antibiotics, didn’t you know?)

FK – They’re not ‘leftists.’ They’re communists. Arguing with one of the creatures is like arguing with a stone. But there may be some hope for mainstream medicine:

Another Gatewood Galbraith files to run for governor of Kentucky

If the Kentucky legislature and governor ever legalize marijuana, Galbraith (Newman) said, the law should be named after Gatewood Galbraith.

None of Gatewood Galbraith’s three daughters could be reached Wednesday for comment.

Dea Riley, a Frankfort marketing professional who was Gatewood Galbraith’s running mate in their independent campaign for governor and lieutenant governor in 2011, said via email that “there will only ever be one Gatewood Galbraith.”

“To have Gatewood’s name and message prostituted, for the sake to garner political office, is a personal affront to me in that I was not only his running mate but equally his friend and confidant,” Riley said.

She said she hopes that “Mr. Newman understands he has very big shoes to fill in taking on the name of Gatewood Galbraith. I hope he will honor Gatewood accordingly.”

Riley said she thinks Galbraith would be amused. “I can hear him now: ‘I’ll tell the IRS to send him the tax bill,'” Riley said.

FK – That’s just plain weird. Gatewood usually remembered peoples’ names anyway if memory serves. He would’ve made a better governor than the last several we’ve had, maybe all of them.

Net Neutrality Lays Groundwork for Internet Taxes

When the FCC created new rules for Net Neutrality by reclassifying the Internet as a Title II public utility, Chairman Tom Wheeler dismissed the idea of new taxes and fees as a myth. Now that the Net Neutrality Order has been made public, it is becoming clear that Chairman Wheeler is being less than honest. The real myth is that Big Government can regulate one of the greatest innovations mankind has ever known without adding to its cost. The reality is that new taxes and fees are coming.

While the order does not in and of itself create new taxes or fees, it lays a groundwork for others to do so, without ever calling it an Internet tax. Specifically, states and local municipalities can now increase taxes on property owned by Internet Service Providers because public utilities are allowed to be taxed at a much higher rate than other businesses. Wheeler and others who sold Americans on the Net Neutrality scheme point to the Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) and say that it prevents “state and local jurisdictions from imposing new taxes on the Internet,” but since the Internet is now considered a public utility, it would be the providers — not the Internet itself — that would be taxed. Of course the ISPs will have to consider those taxes as business costs and pass them along to consumers. The result is going to be higher and higher Internet bills — the very thing Wheeler and his ilk say will not happen.

To make matters worse, the ITFA comes up for reauthorization in September, and though it has been reauthorized five times, there is no guarantee that will happen again. If reathorization fails, states and local municipalities could add to their coffers by taxing the Internet directly as well as by taxing the property of ISPs at the higher rate allowed by the Title II reclassification. Furthermore, there is a difference between the theory of the order not creating new taxes and the reality of the federal government passing regulations and then expanding them to something larger.

FK – Imagine that. What’s next, subsidizing net access for the poor? Betcha ‘right wing extremists’ and other undesirables won’t qualify.

Pair this with the ongoing effort to mainstream the net and sweep all non PC content into some dark corner that most of the sheeple will never see.