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Chuck Baldwin: “Other Masters”

The two major issues that precipitated the anger and angst of the American electorate against Barack Obama and the Democrats, resulting in the Elephants taking the Senate away from the Donkeys, were: 1) Obamacare, and 2) Amnesty. But absolutely NO ONE inside the GOP leadership is even talking about doing anything to undo Obamacare; and NO ONE inside the GOP leadership is even talking about doing anything to stop amnesty. Therefore, the Senate changing hands will, in effect, accomplish NOTHING. And that’s the way it’s been for years. And this is the reason that more people don’t vote than do.

We have been trading Democrats for Republicans–and vice versa–for decades, and what has it mattered? Not diddly-squat. The beat goes on: bigger and bigger government; more and more regulations; more and more taxes; more and more government spending; more and more foreign wars; more and more government surveillance on the American citizenry; more and more centralized power in Washington,  D.C.; more and more illegal immigration (soon to all be legalized); ad infinitum; ad nauseam.

The truth is, who we send to Washington, D.C., with very few exceptions, hasn’t made a dime’s worth of difference in decades. The establishment insiders within both major parties make sure that the good guys are defeated in the primaries, so by the time the general election rolls around, we are usually left with the choice between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. No matter which one wins, establishment insiders get the prize, and the American people get the shaft.

FK – The truly horrific sad part is all the ‘voters’ who’ve been watching this for years and still haven’t caught on and who would rather die than face the reality of what will be required.

Pat Caddell: ‘Higher Orders’ from ‘Other Masters’ Preventing GOP Establishment from Running Against Amnesty

Obama Will Use Executive Action to “Spur” Congress on Immigration Reform

Reese family sentenced to time served, probation and fines

Former Deming, N.M. gun dealers Rick, Terri and Ryin Reese were sentenced Wednesday to time served, three years of supervised release and fines, a Tea Party Patriots of Luna County observer calling from the United States District Court in Las Cruces informed Gun Rights Examiner yesterday. That report was subsequently confirmed by the Las Cruces Sun-News and the Associated Press.

The fines, paid at the court house, were $100 for each conviction, or $400 total, as husband Rick and wife Terri had each been convicted on one count of making false statements and son Ryin had been convicted on two. They will also be subject to an order to refrain from alcohol possession and use, random drug testing/DNA samples, and to home/vehicle searches DNA samples, as well as forbidden to own guns.

In spite of the prosecutor asking for five years, Judge Robert C. Brack ruled the family, with no prior criminal record, did not pose a threat and that probation was appropriate. Because the convictions are for felonies rather than misdemeanors, which the family had unsuccessfully moved to vacate, they are now considering their legal options. As convicted felons, they are prohibited from owning firearms by federal law.

FK – And the BATF Nazi trash gets away with gunrunning and murder. We exist in an nation of cowardly whores for not hunting and eradicating the trash and disseminating its retirement funds among its victims.

Here’s what the trash wants to do here:

Will we tolerate it or do what will be required?

Documents suggest Holder knew more about Fast & Furious, says Issa

FK – If things are so dire why hasn’t the NRA used some of their money and influence to help create the militia force that will be needed to do what will be required? They do some good things, they need to step completely up to the plate.

FK – The NRA was founded by Yankee generals who wanted their conscripts, the empire’s soldiers, to be able to shoot better.


Hollywood Insider Exposes False Flag Terror

FK – Terrified that the now red house might be infected? Why? They should invite the congress of commie criminals over for dinner.

If this is true it’s earth shaking, if not who is this guy and what are his real goals?

Certainly the govt. and the elites who run it are not above any of these accusations. They certainly at the very least knew 9/11 was going to happen if they didn’t facilitate it in many ways. They also left out the OK City Bombing. Certainly McVeigh didn’t act alone or with just one other assistant. But I have a real problem with getting an entire town to go along with faking the deaths of 20 kids. Someone would speak out, surely. There’s much more to this chess game than we know.

GOP Election Rout, But How Much Will Change?

Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) congratulated Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on his reelection and Senate take-over, stating, “The message from voters is clear: They want us to work together. I look forward to working with Sen. McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”

The next Congress will feature at least 243 Republicans in the House, a pickup of at least 12 seats, with more likely to be added as tight races are called. Utah also sent the first Republican African-American woman, former Sarasota Springs Mayor Mia Love, to Congress.

Republicans picked up governorships in the bluest of blue states — Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois. They also won the Arkansas governorship but lost control of the Pennsylvania governorship.

Republicans easily won the bitter gubernatorial race in Texas between Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis — who championed abortion in a nationally prominent filibuster last year — and the state attorney general, Republican Greg Abbott.

FK – Yep, let’s work together. 30 million people walking on the district of commie criminals with enough rope, lumber, hammers and nails to build the temporary scaffold for use until the permanent granite gallows can be finished.

FK – And some icing on the cake:

Ohio Police Officer Cleared After Shooting Dog

Chief Whitehead said he convened a review panel consisting of himself and a sergeant who is the firearms instructor for the Woodville Police Department, as well as the chiefs of the Clyde, Gibsonburg, and Elmore police departments. The panel spoke with Officer Gilkerson; Mrs. Bischoff’s husband, Tom; and the dog wardens from Ottawa and Sandusky counties before determining the officer did not violate department policy or state law.

“Officer Gilkerson has a tremendous love for animals,” Chief Whitehead said. “At no point in our careers as officers do we hope to pull a firearm and have to shoot anyone or anything. I hope people take into consideration that this is unfortunate for everybody involved, but it was a decision that officer had to make within a split second.”

In April, 2013, Officer Gilkerson and his then-new K-9 partner, Raider, greeted members of the public. In response to a question, he told the crowd, “I have been afraid of dogs my whole life that I don’t know. I’m comfortable with dogs I do know.”

Chief Whitehead said the officers do not receive training in how to deal with dogs they come across during the course of their duties. He said Officer Gilkerson has undergone extensive training with Raider and several other area K-9 units and has never shown any fear.

FK – Not sure what they can do legally since the dog wasn’t on a leash but how about exercising some common sense? If you have to have ‘training’ to know a friendly dog from a vicious one maybe you don’t need a badge or any authority over anyone.

Since they’re our employees not our masters the ‘review panels’ need to be made up of civilians and maybe elected public servants, if they can be trusted.