Can We Compost Dead Bodies?

FK – The funeral industry has had a great scam going for a long time. It’s nothing less than insanity to spend 5-10 grand to put a dead body in the ground when most cemeteries are forgotten over time and even destroyed.

It’s even more amusing to call what is done a ‘christian burial,’ as if their god can’t resurrect a body unless it’s been embalmed and sealed in an overpriced vault and casket.

I want my un-embalmed body to be be wrapped in a white sheet or something similar that decays easily and planted on the back side of the farm I live on so it will return to cosmic dust as it’s supposed to. But this state requires some kind of casket so it’ll have to be a wooden box if the law isn’t changed by then.

Allegedly they’re protecting the water table by requiring a box. The millions of animals that decay naturally all the time disagree.