Bow Hunter Receives Death Threats For Teaching Kids How To Hunt

Cordaro, who also goes by the moniker “Jen the Archer,” was sent several online death threats. Then a petition was circulated to ban all hunting in the Golden State.

“A small group of people with a really loud voice,” says Cordaro about the bullies. Most of cyberspace has been quite supportive of her efforts and that makes “Jen the Archer” want to keep going. You couldn’t blame the former vegetarian if she thought otherwise. The online death threats have been graphic.

“People want to murder my first born child,” Cordaro said. “I don’t have any kids, but that’s pretty scary to think about.” She’s also been told she should be skinned alive.

As far as the social media death threats, Cordaro hasn’t done much about them, hoping they’ll just go away eventually. But things have escalated. Speaking exclusively to Mama Grizzly Radio on the matter, Cordaro revealed a situation now all too personal and real.

“What I really haven’t talked to the media about at all is the things that are happening at my home and my place of employment,” said Cordaro. “So the death threats and the harassment and vandalism has gone beyond social media at this point. I’m dealing with it every day in my mailbox, at my house, on my car, at my work. Because they’re very close to home the proper authorities are involved at this point.” Smart move from a smart woman.

FK – Why this couldn’t possibly be happening. All the “Liberal”(commie) trash are such peace-loving pacified creatures who’d never harm anyone or anything.