ATF temporarily shelves proposed ammo ban while power to proceed remains intact

Case in point, in April of last year, ATF issued a special advisory banning importation of 7N6 5.45×39 ammunition for the same reasons – that it was not considered “sporting,” that it was considered “armor piercing,” and because “ATF’s analysis also concluded that the ammunition could be used in a commercially available handgun … which was approved for importation into the United States in November 2011.”

“The Special Advisory letter claims that in 2011 a Polish made 5.45×39 Onyks 89S pistol was submitted for import approval by an unspecified entity,” The Bang Switch reported at the time. “It’s so obscure in fact that only 200 were produced in Poland and to my knowledge none were ever imported nor sold on the U.S. market as semi-automatic pistols.”

That hardly matters when the criteria being argued about include concepts like “sporting purposes.” The term appears nowhere in the Constitution, and its first documented enforcement over firearms was in 1938 German law. Likewise, the Constitution is similarly silent on any branch of government, let alone a federal agency, having legitimate delegated authority to override the clear “shall not be infringed” mandate in the Second Amendment.

As for potential armor-piercing capability, the opinion rendered in the Supreme Court’s 1939 Miller decision provides guidance on founding intent. The court held a weapon falls under Second Amendment protection if it “is any part of the ordinary military equipment, or that its use could contribute to the common defense.”

FK – The only ‘sporting purpose’ to the Second Amendment is when the “Liberal”(commie) and other assorted authoritarian trash runs or shoots back.

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FK – They’ll be baaacckk. You can count on it. The only ultimate solution to this internal/infernal war being waged on Human Liberty and the Bill of Rights will be doing what will be required. After all these years so many are still brain deep in denial of this simple reality.