Apparent bear attack killed Edison man, 22, in West Milford

An Edison hiker was found dead Sunday after an encounter with a bear, police said.

Darsh Patel was 22.

Patel was part of a group of five Edison men hiking through the Apshawa Preserve, a wooded area of West Milford, Police Chief Timothy C. Storbeck said in a press release. They ran in different directions when a black bear began to follow them.

Four of the five men were able to find one another, Storbeck said. They called police at about 3:45 p.m. when they couldn’t locate Patel.

FK – More than likely none of these educated idiots had a gun, or even know how to use one, much less that that commie state would ‘allow’ them to carry one while out hiking amongst large predators. When “Liberal”(commie) trash citiots get eaten it’s a good thing, not sayin’ they were exactly, but the odds are good.

As I’ve long maintained we need to enclose all major cities within 14 foot high fences with the concertina wire facing inwards and stock the enclosure with large native predators and large ‘endangered’ predators from around the world, just to help ‘save the Earth’ and feed the hungry.

Don’t miss the next story. Such brave young lads, products of the govt. schools and university systems no doubt.

Fatal bear attack in West Milford preserve is first recorded in New Jersey in 150 years

FK – It’s imperative to understand our blood domestic enemies would prefer we watch while a large predator chews the face off a loved one or friend rather than be able to stop the attack just as they’d prefer you watch while a home invader rapes and tortures your children. I’m all for sending “Liberal”(commie) trash into the woods after receiving a good coating of fresh honey.

No doubt the counseling is to help them mourn the bear, as he was only doing his part to help clean up the environment.