An Urgent Christmas Message from Stefan Molyneux

FK – One problem among many is the inability of ‘intelligent'(loosely defined) people to adequately understand the stupidity, apathy, mental laziness, fear, willful ignorance, of the sheeple around them. These descriptions can include many highly ‘educated’ morons who only went to college so they could make more money and are really only good at assimilating and regurgitating but not thinking because it’s too dangerous to their incomes.

Another problem is the human inclination towards doom and gloom in an already fatalistic mindset among the working poor and even middle class. The doom and gloomers on YouTube are another matter.

The elites have known and acted on this understanding all along. They’re not perfect but they understand the human herd animals around them are much less so. That’s why they designed religions that offer an easy way out.

The sad disgusting part of it is not that the average sheeple is as obtuse as much as they’re just cowards. The question is why? A larger question is why is the patriot movement, ‘conservatives’ and ‘libertarians,’ also so cowardly that they can’t tell their domestic blood enemies what they need to be telling them: “GTHO of our country! You don’t belong here!”

We’ve had the internet for 20 years. Most now have smart phones they can use to educate themselves yet they still use them for mindless diversion.

Maybe collapse is necessary since as long as they have steak and ice cream and a big screen they probably won’t see the necessity of getting off their asses and actually standing up for something.