America We Are Doomed

FK – Well, the pix certainly shows two birds of a feather.

These are your real enemies:

Exclusive — Boehner Has No Plans To Leave Republican Party Despite Newfound Democratic Party Support

Report: Boehner Cut Deal With Nancy Pelosi to Use Netanyahu Speech as Cover to Fund Obama’s Executive Amnesty

FK – This is what Boehner is aligning with:

FK – Did anyone ask this trash how it will enforce its sanctions against ‘violent words’ or guns?

I’m sure the brain dead trash wouldn’t like the idea of bringing back the paddle to enforce some order in the classroom when coddling doesn’t work.

More of the same insanity:

FK – And indoctrination begets indoctrination and slavery begets slavery…

No trash, we have the Second Amendment to protect us from trash like you.

After all these years I still can’t understand why we’re not hunting them.

FK – Governments will always be able to get guns thus we need to be better armed than them.