Barry Bright – A Christmas story not yet told

Earlier today I posted a short reminiscence about a Christmas past. During World War I troops of both sides climbed out of their trenches and spent some time together celebrating a decidedly western, or European holiday.

Not all our enemies are so understanding.

My little war involved much less death and destruction but was conducted for no less nefarious reasons. A dictator our empire had once supported jumped out of his stall, after allegedly being given the go-ahead by our own people, and conquered a neighbor. The great modern empire of note representing ‘democracy‘ and profit for all rode in on its modern horses that can swim seas and drop bombs from 20,000 feet to set things right in the world for the petrodollar.

For us to have climbed out of our bulldozer dug holes and attempted to dance, sing and play football(soccer?) with our non-European non-Christian and non-Christmas celebrating ‘enemies’ would have been a strange thing indeed.

I did have an allied troop, soldier, whatever he exactly was, ask me if I had a 16-year-old cousin I could sell him. I’ve always thought he was serious. But he and his culture are nearly on the other side of the world and besides the effect they have on our gas prices I don’t expect them to be running our government any time soon. We have more pressing enemies, from right down the street.

If those World War I soldiers had climbed up out of the trenches, killed their generals, then moved en masse to their respective capitals and killed their kings, emperors and presidents and prime ministers who sent them to a fruitless war then maybe we’d have something to truly reminisce about.

Some might say they could have just thrown down their arms and refused to fight any more, thus refusing violence. The rulers would have just found some other young idiots to kill them for a check and a retirement plan, or some false promise of paradise in the next life.

When billions cannot discern that a child’s innocent belief in a red-suited fat man in a sleigh delivering presents to children the world over in one night is no different than an adult’s willful ignorance based belief that Noah crammed two of all the land species alive at that time into a boat then we are still in a very dark age.

WWI if I’m not mistaken was another war over the old empires. WWII was about the new empires. Yes, if only, but lots of ignorant 19-year-olds die in wars because their parents spend a lifetime choosing ignorance because it’s easier than thinking or standing on principle, if they even know the meaning of that word and I think most really don’t.

The elites see themselves as herders for the human livestock whose responsibility it is to ‘lead,’ the better ones anyway. The sheep don’t stop to question the dog.

As for our own situation, I won’t hold my breath for our greatest enemies, our blood domestic enemies who aren’t hiding in a cave on the other side of the world, to stop lying today. Somewhere some newswhore that had to work on a holiday is supporting the lie. Somewhere some hard corps commie is defending the Marxist mutt’s actions to a relative.

The stalemate WWI was known for was called trench warfare and predated that war. Soldiers trading and conversing with enemy troops is not new either. During the war for southern independence when trench warfare was really coming into its own because the Confederacy no longer had the manpower to out maneuver the hundred thousand plus army of immigrants and conscripts Lincoln was throwing at them to continue his tariff scheme Johnny Reb and Billy Yank often met between the lines to trade tobacco, coffee, food and gossip.

Not all wars are meaningless, but then the good guys don’t always win. Sometimes even if the ‘good guys’ do win it’s hard to tell the difference between the old regime and the new one. Even losers have the pride of knowing they just didn’t lick a boot.

The classically educated elites of an earlier time started our American Revolution that resulted in a Bill of Rights that as far as I’m concerned is the greatest document ever penned by the human hand, bar none. If we lose that, at whatever cost, we may be cast into an age of darkness our descendents might not emerge from for a very long time.

Our domestic war is far from over, and it’s not being fought for empire, but for human Liberty, the greatest calling. Our goal should be that someday when people celebrate this time of year for whatever reason they don’t have to get approval to do it by an out-of-control government or some other entity.