21 Problems with the National Outcry About Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law on One Map

Indiana’s controversial new bill signed into law is called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The bill guarantees individuals the right to conduct business without ‘substantially burdening their ability to exercise their religion.’

It has been roundly condemned around the nation. Seattle’s mayor went so far as to issue a travel ban to Indiana for city workers, while San Francisco’s mayor is considering a ban on city funds being sent to the Hoosier state.

Nevertheless, the ‘extremely controversial’ RFRA is based on a 1993 Federal Law, which is also dubbed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It was signed into law by ‘right-wing extremist’ president Bill Clinton.

FK – This is all ‘political,’ something else for the ameri-commies to scream and froth at the mouth about.

The entire issue illustrates common human insanity, one absurd ‘extreme’ against another, calling what amounts to a birth defect or mental illness a ‘sin’ and making a political issue out of what should be a health issue.

Kentucky has religious freedom law similar to one causing furor ahead of Final Four in Indiana

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FK – This is supposed to be a ‘free country.’ If two nuts want to ‘marry'(very loosely defined) each other let them have at it as long as they’re not harming anyone else or their property. By the same token ‘christians’ or whomever have the right to teach their children it’s a ‘sin,’ which is just as insane.