FK – Mass., I can never spell it, is full of commies to begin with. I don’t trust their plotting conniving scheming souls any farther than I could throw Hell’s front gate.

And what would it mean exactly if Trump looked at Congress and declared “You’re fired!”? Didn’t Hitler do something similar to the Reichstag?

There are millions of morons in this country, and every 4 year cycle of the quest for the idiot vote proves it, that are basically voting for a magical king to solve their problems for them.

I mean come on, millions are waiting to get beamed up and you think the average voter is capable of real rational thought? So I have little doubt that many would agree to get rid of the congress and go with a savoir, Earthly or not, and to hell with the consequences as long as it makes them ‘feel’ better.

Trump may prove to be what so many are convinced he is, a ‘winner.’ Hitler was a winner until he came up against the Russian winter and a new non-European power that he grossly underestimated.

As far as ‘destroying’ the republicrat party, the original party of big govt., goes, what do the commies do?: Infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate…

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