04/12/14 – Liberty at the Battle of Bunkerville!

FK – Waiting for some god’s ‘grace’ won’t get it done. We must stop waiting for the world to end…

Contrast with this:

FK – The SCOTUS is NOT the final arbiter of our rights. WE ARE!

Only 3-4 states or so have ‘constitutional carry.’ So we’re a ways from ‘having it back.’

.”…and we’ll fight you in the streets and the hills if you ever tell us to ‘turn them in’…”

But somehow that part gets left out.

Great P.R. speech. This isn’t ultimately about P.R. is it? Winning their hearts and minds might be a great concept. How did it really work in Vietnam?

The crime issue is as always a red herring. If ‘gun control’ could be proven to reduce common crime it would still be evil.

The coming war may not be started over guns, the tools we will have to use to restore Liberty here. Last year’s events at the Bundy Ranch proved that. That was the single most important event of 2014. Did anyone at this convention mention it?

Will the NRA grow the rest of the way up and work to organize, arm and train the militia force we will most definitely need someday to do what will be required?