I-594 campaign recruits Montana anti-gun ‘Moms’, says sheriffs ‘spread lies’

Members of the Montana Chapter of Moms Demand Action are being recruited for a telephone blitz of Washington voters this evening to promote Initiative 594 on the heels of an e-mail yesterday from the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR) that alleges the “gun lobby” has “so much power that they’ve gotten your sheriff to spread their lies about Initiative 594 to voters.”

It’s the latest, but certainly not the final attempt by supporters of the 18-page gun control measure to downplay and even discredit the overwhelming law enforcement opposition to their billionaire-backed initiative. It may also be designed to distract public attention away from the disturbing remark last Friday by I-594 money man Nick Hanauer that sarcastically tried to exploit the tragedy at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, covered today by Reuters, against rival Initiative 591.

The I-591 campaign is alerting voters about this new attack on sheriffs in 27 of Washington’s 39 counties. Because these elected lawmen have stepped forward to oppose I-594, WAGR is essentially calling them liars. They’re even asking voters to send messages to “remind your sheriff that 594 will reduce crime and save lives by helping to keep guns out of the hands of abusers and felons.”

FK – How convenient that the trash keeps reminding us how evil it is yet not enough have developed the courage nor the resolve to do what will be required.

Ferguson Case Leak: Wilson Will Not Be Indicted in Brown Shooting

One leak revealed an autopsy report showing that Brown had a close-range bullet wound to his thumb, with blood splatters from Brown on the police cruiser’s front door panel and on Wilson’s uniform. For Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist who reviewed the autopsy report for the Post-Dispatch, the evidence supports Wilson:

[The report] supports the fact that this guy [Brown] is reaching for the gun, if he has gunpowder particulate material in the wound … if he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he’s going for the officer’s gun.

Melinek also concluded that Brown was facing Wilson when the other shots were fired, not running away as claimed initially by onlookers. The Times reported that this is in line with Wilson’s claim that Brown had pinned him to the front seat of his cruiser and Wilson was fighting to keep his sidearm away from Brown when it discharged. The Times noted further that the forensic evidence “speaks to Officer Wilson’s state of mind, his feeling of vulnerability and his sense of heightened alert when he killed Mr. Brown.”

FK – What a disgusting mess. Bunches are shot in such a manner every year. Justified cop killings are added to the ‘gun homicide’ list touted by the “Liberal”(commie) trash in their efforts to disarm us. Read the comments on this one. I read over the autopsy report. As far as I’m concerned Wilson was ‘justified’ just by the fact a larger man, hell anyone, reached into his car, as any of us should be.

The police do a lot of evil things, the most evil of which is enforce the commie laws they force us to exist under at the point of a government gun. We need to be at least kicking the activist commies out of this country, regardless of what cute names they call themselves. That would be a good job for the police. The amerikan communist insurgency will use any cause real or false to advance its aims. Time to wake up and grow up and do what will be required.

Google HOSPITALS Coming Soon? Internet Giant Building 1.5 Billion Dollar Anti-Aging Research Center

FK – Google is evil. He’s right about the Borg but wrong about sitting around waiting for the world to end.  We must stop choosing between the various versions of authoritarianism, from the corporate Borg to the “Liberal”(commie) trash to the ultimate authoritarianism which says it’s OK to torture billions, or trillions, alive in fire forever. That’s disgusting. The human race is insane and still has a lot of growing up to do.

FK – What if we are the biological robots created by a ‘higher power?’


Evidence of US Development and Testing of Airborne Ebola

It has been my contention that the recent Ebola outbreak is likely the result of US military testing of Ebola gone awry. 

SEE: THE PAPER TRAIL: The US Government Involvement in Developing Ebola as a BioWeapon

Now more evidence has been brought to my attention of the alarming  nature of the Ebola testing going on by the US military.

Apparently, the military has created an airborne version of Ebola and tested it on monkeys.

FK – Still looking to the govt. to save you?

DOJ and ATF appealing ‘No Angel’ Dobyns’ court settlement order

Dobyns gained fame after infiltrating the Hells Angels and writing about his experiences in his New York Times bestseller. The former agent has since been the subject of numerous reports focused on retaliation he has been subjected to for coming forward with information exposing official wrongdoing. He was also instrumental in providing background information on management personalities and practices involved in the Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” scandal.

After initially trying to kill “No Angel,” ATF put it on promotional display in their Washington, D.C. headquarters as an example of agency achievements. Once it became a success in terms of sales and the potential for of a film deal started to solidify, the bureau sought to share in the profits.

Dobyns had sued his employer for failure to properly investigate, and for reneging on protection agreements over death threats he received after the bureau withdrew his cover identity following the Hells Angels case. ATF went so far as to focus on the agent as its prime suspect, a suspicion he has since been cleared on.

FK – So was he investigating the bikers for alcohol, tobacco or firearms or just because they could get away with it? The Bikers may not be nice guys but to my knowledge they don’t break down average citizens’ doors at 3 am and shoot their pets, their kids or their grandmothers.

Let’s keep some focus on who our real enemies are and what will be required.

Signs that Democrats will steal the elections for the Senate majority

If you see certain signs pointing to impending voter fraud in the next nine days, then these signs will tell us that the Democrat know they can’t win without, and will attempt to steal the Senate majority with voter fraud in several states. But before taking a look at what those signs would be, let’s take a look at where the battle for the majority in the U.S. Senate actually stands today, according to the averages of polls reported at Real Clear Politics. RCP has been very accurate in predicting the results of elections via their polling averages.

Right now, on their Senate map without toss-ups, RCP is projecting the Senate next year to be made up of 51 Republicans, an additional independent elected from Kansas, and 46 Democrats plus two Independent-elected senators who caucus with the Democrats for a total of 48 senators in the Democrat caucus. Let’s look at the key races that this projection is based on.

There are three states where RCP projects the incumbents senators are holding very slim leads, including Republican Mitch McConnell of Kentucky leading by 4.0 percent, North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan leading by 1.4 percent and New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen leading by 1.8 percent. Note that the two Democrats are enjoying much slimmer leads than the sole Republican incumbent among those three.

FK – My posted comments:

Time to do this:
Require proof of citizenship to vote, proof of literacy in English and passing a test that proves the voter has a basic understanding of our history and the form of govt. we’re supposed to have here: small and very limited.

All voters get a receipt when they vote that shows how they voted. All newsmedia is forbidden to publish the results until the next day when all results, and each vote is published online so they can be counted by anyone with the time and wherewithal to do so. All voters can check their votes against their receipts and mistakes can be corrected locally.

Or we’d better be ready to do what will be required.


What will the republicrats do with the Senate? Will they move to repeal all the gun laws, shut down the IRS or end the Fed or any of dozens of other things that must be done to restore the Bill of Rights and limited govt. here? They haven’t in the past. Voting can do some good, but we must vote for the ones whose past records show they are truly concerned with human Liberty and not with just brown nosing the system. The ‘voters’ who show up just to get something from the system don’t need to vote and really don’t belong in this country.

Who Will Control Your Internet?

In late September and early October of this year, huge demonstrations broke out in Hong Kong. The protesters were outraged by the decision of Communist Party leaders on the mainland to stack the deck for elections to Hong Kong’s chief executive post with pro-Beijing lackeys. Day after day, as the “umbrella revolution” in Hong Kong swelled from thousands to hundreds of thousands, China’s infamous “Great Firewall” effectively prevented most Chinese from even learning about the Hong Kong protests. China’s army of Internet censors, ably assisted by software and hardware from Western companies, worked furiously to block and scrub stories, images, and comments about the demonstrations from news sites, blogs, social media, and search engines.

Beginning on October 1, the propaganda organs of the People’s Republic began flooding China’s media — including the regime’s controlled Internet sites and social media — with stories extolling patriotism and images of parades and other events celebrating National Day, the PRC’s great communist holiday. When coverage of Hong Kong finally did appear on mainland television and Internet, it was to falsely present the largely peaceful demonstrations as violent and lawless. The man-on-the-street interviews presented by the Party-controlled media, not surprisingly, presented comments that universally condemned the Hong Kong protests and unanimously supported the “democracy” willed by the party leaders.

But the rigid control exercised by Communist China over the Internet does not merely encompass censorship of truths that the regime finds inconvenient. It also entails tracking down those who dare to dissent from the party line in cyberspace.

FK – Did ya’ get that?: “China’s army of Internet censors, ably assisted by software and hardware from Western companies..”

Gee, an amerikan corporation abrogating freedom of speech. I can’t imagine it. Maybe we need to start calling them ‘commiecorporates?’

Manning Analyzes Michael Brown Forensics

FK – There are many good non-whites. But inner city black culture has become a cesspool. This is largely because of the policies, the welfare state, indoctrination system, of the white “Liberal”(commie) trash who intentionally created these conditions in the name of creating generational constituents and excuses for the police state. It’s way past time to get a handle on who our real enemies are and deal with them in the way they should be dealt with.

CDC Fines Range, Good or Bad ? V-Log #6

FK – Well we know the govt. doesn’t want sheeple with guns so they’ll do anything to bring about this goal. We also know that often greedy corporate workaholic assholes don’t care about their employees’ health and welfare as long as they show up on time, do what they’re told and never ask inappropriate questions. Can’t blindly trust none of ‘em.

Badges for concealed weapon permit holders…Good or bad?

FK – Impersonating an officer(hired public servant)? Fumbling with a badge during a life and death situation when you need to be reloading or identifying if it’s a real cop that’s ordering you to ‘drop your weapon?’ Better to hit the deck or take cover if available then look non-aggressive or make that life changing decision.

Seriously, a right applied for is a privilege. Why further bury our natural born right, our most basic right, under red tape? We must force the governments to acknowledge our most basic right without the benefit of paperwork, licenses, classes, taxes, or whatever. We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

Of course the “Liberal”(commie) trash are still telling the same lie they’ve been telling for decades: “The police will protect you.” Dial 911 and Die. That’s why they’re trash, they lie, it’s their only purpose for being in this world. If “Liberal”(commie) trash couldn’t lie it wouldn’t need oxygen. We need to prevent a whole lot of them from stealing any more of our oxygen.

False Flag? WA School Shooting During Drill and Right Before Gun Control Vote

FK – What are the odds? Let’s see, there are 300 million sheeple in this country, possibly 200 million guns, and lots of assholes who desperately need shooting. No, for the sake of the brain dead, I’m not saying those girls deserved to get shot. I don’t know them, I wasn’t there and as a general rule that’s not the proper way to deal with ‘relationship problems,’ unless you truly have no other choice.

Our governments and evil blood domestic enemies are certainly capable of great evil. This is proven daily. But in a real world, a very dangerous world, bad things are going to happen and every event is not necessarily a ‘false flag.’ Our enemies are just good at keeping their propaganda machines oiled so they quickly spew out their filthy lies every time someone goes off the deep end or makes a mistake or does exactly what they should have done against the will of those who would remain our masters.