Top 5 Guns Found in Evidence Lockers

FK – Almost any gun is a better investment than a beanie baby.

If we had a ‘free country’ there’d be no such thing as an ‘illegal’ gun only violent criminals in prison and criminals judged ‘safe’ to return to society.

In reality we shouldn’t use the phrase ‘Saturday night special‘ as it was created/used by our blood domestic enemies to push ‘gun control.’ It’s like calling communists ‘Liberals,’ and ‘progressives’ and ‘leftists.’ We should call the evil trash what it is and treat as it deserves to be treated.

All ‘gun control’ is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to more ‘control’ with the ultimate goal being the complete disarmament of the civilian population. Thus all ‘gun control’ is an act of war. All who push ‘gun control’ should be tried for treason against Human Liberty and executed.

The following ‘gun control’ may be a little more ‘sensible’ especially if your daughter brings home a piece of “Liberal”(commie) trash, in such case it should probably be shot on sight.

FK – The .10 gauge might be overkill, a little messy. Wouldn’t want to have to clean off the neighbor’s mailbox.

Is Michael Brown A National Hero?

FK – The solution per the newswhores is to let them die a natural death, financially, until we have enough organization to hold the treason trials and executions. Freedom of speech doesn’t include the ‘right’ to propagandize and mislead an entire country into slavery.

In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned.

Horowitz: On Ferguson, Libertarians Playing with Fire

As Congress remains in a protracted recess for another three weeks and the political news recedes from the headlines, it didn’t take long for the nonpolitical event surrounding the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, to become political. After all, everything in this day and age is ultimately politicized.

There is a narrative developing among some libertarian figures that the actions of the police in Ferguson represent the latest example of egregious abuses of “big government.” From listening to their diatribes one would come away with the impression that the local police decided to randomly kill an African-American teen in cold blood, then proceeded to terrorize the neighborhood and suspend civil liberties while engaging in para-military exercises throughout the streets. Their account of the tragedy portrays the situation as a zero-sum battle between agents of government and private citizens.

For some on the libertarian right, the fact that the “victims” of the alleged police brutality are black makes this both an opportunity to bash big government and make in-roads with the black community by showing how unbridled government control is particularly harmful to their way of life. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), for example, parachuted into the conflict by penning an op-ed unambiguously making this tragedy about race. While offering a terse throwaway line about the importance of police maintaining the peace, he then weaved in general bipartisan concerns about a militarized police into a politically motivated supposition about the role of race in this conflict – all before the facts are clear.


Indeed, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) struck the perfect pitch, encapsulating everyone’s concerns: “Police officers risk their lives every day to keep us safe, and any time a young man loses his life in a confrontation with law enforcement, it is tragic… Civil liberties must be protected, but violence is not the answer. Once the unrest is brought to an end, we should examine carefully what happened to ensure that justice is served.”

- Indeed. Police officers daily enforce evil laws that have no place in a supposed free country. They do this for a pay check and a retirement plan. We must gain control of how they are educated so they will refuse to enforce the police state.

Looks like Breitbart has been infiltrated…

Missouri GOP Exec Director: Rand Paul’s Comments on Demilitarization, Race ‘Unhelpful’

DOCUMENT: Homeland Security Predicts Rise of ‘Anti-Government’ Violence

A leaked document from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis predicts increased “anti-government violence over the next year.” The document says the inspiration for violence is Cliven Bundy’s Bunkerville standoff with the Bureau of Land Management from earlier in the year.

DHS’s seven-page report entitled Domestic Violent Extremists Pose a Threat to Government Officials and Law Enforcement points to the recent murders of two Las Vegas law enforcement officers as evidence that there is a “growing trend of anti-government violence compared to the previous four years and inspired by perceived government overreach and oppression” and the “perceived victory at Bunkervile” will “likely prompt more violence.”

Bundy’s 20-year legal dispute with the BLM over grazing fees on federal land escalated when the agency attempted to seize his cattle in the beginning of April. An armed stand off between the BLM and supporters of Bundy ensued until the feds backed off before any serious violence erupted and left the 67-year-old rancher’s land.

FK – This is why we need a real militia force with real leadership and a way to winnow out the idiots and the informants and instigators. Remember, we outnumber them.

Oh, the Things We Choose Not to See!

Watching the occupying armies of Ferguson, even the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, one of the many long-time members of the “only cops and soldiers should have guns” faction, appeared to wake up, vaguely and reluctantly. They admitted that Ferguson police had breached rules of civilized conduct and noted, “the government’s “monopoly on force” must be subject to civilian control.”

Credit: Reuters/Philip Andrews

“Yet millions (including the still-sleepy CSGV) remain willing to believe that these horrors are the result of “a few bad apples” (forgetting that the operative phrase is “one bad apple spoils the whole barrel”). People believe that people killed in SWAT raids must have “asked for it.” They watch their local police parading Bearcats and other military equipment down the street on the Fourth of July — and never imagine that those items are for use against them.

The ignorance of the unaware is one thing (though how anyone can remain unaware of what’s been going on these last two decades is a question in itself). But some who profess to be shocked or horrified only now reek of hypocrisy.

FK – Been waiting for years for things to get bad enough for the average dumbass to wake up to the reality of what will be required. Has it finally started?

Pro-Gun Children’s Book Explodes in Popularity After Being Ridiculed by Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert

“My Parents Open Carry,” a children’s book written by Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew in 2011, exploded in popularity this week after being ridiculed by comedians Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert.


“What a beautiful bedtime story,” Colbert said sarcastically of the book. “The world is full of maniacs who want to hurt you and the police can’t help. Goodnight, honey!”

The co-authors appeared on The Glenn Beck Program Thursday to discuss the craze, saying that since Maher and Colbert discussed the book, they’ve gotten interview requests from around the world.

“Germany, Australia, China ran a story on it,” Jeffs remarked, adding that they’ve soared up the Amazon bestseller list, as well.

The two said the book is best for ages 12 and up, though they’ve gotten positive feedback from parents reading it to their five-year-old children.

FK – Haven’t read this but in the vid they discuss the ‘National Guard’ vs. the Militia, which the NATIONAL Guard isn’t. For that I’ll give them 5 gold sticky stars.

Revealed: First Photos of Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Emerge

NBC News has verified that a photo first shown on Yahoo News is indeed of the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown, touching off a week of angry protests that have at times turned violent.

Ferguson police on Friday released the name of the 28-year-old officer who shot Brown but also released surveillance video that appeared to show Brown robbing a clerk at a liquor store shortly before he was shot.

The officer, Darren Wilson, did not know Brown was a robbery suspect when he stopped the teen for walking in the street, Chief Thomas Jackson said.

FK – I haven’t read the details of the shooting if there are any yet other than a few soundbites I’ve heard. But the problem isn’t with this officer, idiot or Nazi or whatever. The problem is with how they are trained to deal with the public now and with the ‘drug war’ which was never intended to be won but continued indefinitely in the name of securing profits for all sides involved from the cartels to the cops to the banksters who launder the money.

Carrying a gun way worse than beating your wife: Column

When Ray Rice beat his wife unconscious in an elevator, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Donio and New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain agreed to put him in a diversion program for 1st-time offenders to keep him out of jail. But when Pennsylvania single mom Shaneen Allen was pulled over for a traffic violation and volunteered to a New Jersey police officer that she was carrying a legally-owned handgun with a Pennsylvania permit, the response of Donis and McClain was to deny her the same opportunity as Rice.

Allen lives in Philadelphia, right across the river from New Jersey. She has a Pennsylvania permit to carry a handgun. She thought it was recognized in New Jersey, just as it is recognized in over 30 other states. She was wrong. When she told the officer that she had the gun, she was arrested.

Now she faces a felony conviction and a mandatory 42 months in prison. Both Donio and McClain have been unwilling to dismiss the charges, or send Allen to a pretrial diversion program. They seem to want to make an example of her.

FK – Two more sure fire candidates for the granite gallows.

Democrat manual: How to lie about gun control

Democratic strategists have drafted a how-to manual on manipulating the public’s emotions toward gun control in the aftermath of a major shooting.

“A high-profile gun-violence incident temporarily draws more people into the conversation about gun violence,” asserts the guide. “We should rely on emotionally powerful language, feelings and images to bring home the terrible impact of gun violence.”

The 80-page document titled “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging,” also urges gun-control advocates use images of frightening-looking guns and shooting scenes to make their point.

“The most powerful time to communicate is when concern and emotions are running at their peak,” the guide insists. “The debate over gun violence in America is periodically punctuated by high-profile gun violence incidents including Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, the Trayvon Martin killing, Aurora and Oak Creek. When an incident such as these attracts sustained media attention, it creates a unique climate for our communications efforts.”

FK – So much evidence of treason and not a single neck stretched. How sad. How pathetic.

Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police

The Cato Institute’s Walter Olson observed this week how the rising militarization of law enforcement is currently playing out in Ferguson:

Why armored vehicles in a Midwestern inner suburb? Why would cops wear camouflage gear against a terrain patterned by convenience stores and beauty parlors? Why are the authorities in Ferguson, Mo. so given to quasi-martial crowd control methods (such as bans on walking on the street) and, per the reporting of Riverfront Times, the firing of tear gas at people in their own yards? (“‘This my property!’ he shouted, prompting police to fire a tear gas canister directly at his face.”) Why would someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, comment that “We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone”?

FK – Paul can do more good as a Senator than he could as president, if only for the reason he’d be limited to two terms in the now red house.

Voters Issue Another Rebuke to Bloomberg

This was a good week for liberty. 

Why?  Because one of America’s most outspoken, pro-gun sheriffs defeated attempts by an anti-gun liberal Mayor who tried to take him out.

Sheriff Clarke and Larry Pratt

David Clarke, Jr., is the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He is a true patriot and has run public service ads saying things like:

* “Simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option….  Consider taking a certified safety course in handling of firearms, so you can defend yourself until we get there.  You have a duty to protect yourself and your family.”

* “Wisconsin’s [concealed carry law] now gives you the same advantage that I have.  Now it’s the crook who has to wonder what you might do.  It can be a great equalizer….”

FK – And we need many more for we have a long way to go

Gun owners correct Obama on Constitution