‘You have to be willing to wipe out the enemy’

While he voiced optimism that U.S. policy in the Middle East will change for the better once President Obama leaves office, the other panelists emphasized that the militants will still be in Iran – and they are irrational even when compared with dictators in North Korea and Russia.

“North Koreans are atheists,” Brook said. “They don’t want to die. … The mullahs in Iran don’t care about death. Indeed, they [believe they] get rewarded if they get to die.”

Bruce added: “There is the belief of the 12th imam, which can only arise from the ashes. And in order to have the 12th imam, there has to be ashes.”

The third part of the roundtable weighed the claim that radical Islam does not accurately represent the religion as a whole. The panelists debated whether the Quran, the creed behind the religion, is to blame for radicalism or whether its followers have perverted the text.

FK – So it’s OK if we have world war and murder millions over 3000-year-old tribal propaganda?

How pathetic.

The ragheads are insane but not that much less insane than a few others I could mention. I don’t expect to be in this realm long enough to see the human race grow up. It may take several more piles of ashes for that to happen, if ever.

FK – For the idiots, it’s about religion. For the awake it’s about globalism. For others it may be about something our govt. and those who really run it are trying to find or control over there, not oil.