Wolves and bears are thriving in Europe

America has had a long and problematic relationship with the wolf. A major part of the problem is cultural, as many Americans have a hard time viewing wolves as creatures that can coexist alongside humans. By contrast, Europe has nearly twice as many wolves as the U.S. despite being about half the size of the contiguous United States. But here’s the kicker, nearly all of the wolves, and other large carnivores such as lynxes and wolverines, of Europe live outside of protected areas.

As it turns out, Europeans have a much healthier relationship with wildlife than many Americans do, and, according to a study published on Thursday in the journal Science, it is leading to a big resurgence in large carnivore populations all over Europe. According to study leader Guillaume Chapron, a professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences’ Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, much of the success of large carnivores in Europe can be attributed to cross-border cooperation between countries to maintain animal populations, stronger regulations on handling wildlife and general public interest in maintaining a good relationship between wildlife and humanity.

In a report by Live Science, Chapron explained that Europe doesn’t have “unspoiled, untouched areas.” However, he explained, “what is interesting is, that does not mean we do not have carnivores. Au contraire; we have many carnivores.”

FK – What a sad thing they’re not trained to eat commies. Europe could do with much less of that garbage. So could we. I’ve long advocated fencing in every large Metropolitan area with a 14′ fence with the concertina wire facing in and stocking those areas with native large predators in order to help with our population problem.

This is an older story but typical of what our eco-commies want to do to us:

Animal Rights Group Threatens To Sue FWS If Wolves are Not Introduced Everywhere in USA

FK – As a hunter I’m not that concerned about the large predators. I’m more concerned about the Nazis who would tell us we can’t kill such in self defense or to defend our property.

Lawsuit By Anti Hunting Groups Get Wolf Endangered Species Decision Rescinded

Immediate implications of this ruling include the following:

  • Permits which allow lethal removal of wolves issued to landowners experiencing wolf conflicts are no longer valid. The department will contact permit holders to alert them.
  • The department is not authorized to use lethal control as part of its conflict management program. Non-lethal tools and depredation compensation remain available. Those experiencing conflicts with wolves should contact the United States Department of Agriculture – Wildlife Service for conflict investigation and management assistance. USDA Wildlife Services can be reached at 800-228-1368 in northern Wisconsin or 800-433-0663 in southern Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin’s law allowing landowners or occupants of the land to shoot wolves that are in the act of depredating domestic animals on private property is no longer in force. Landowners may not kill wolves in the act of attacking domestic animals.
  • Under Federal Law, you cannot use dogs to track and train on wolves.
  • Wisconsin is not authorized to implement a wolf harvest season.

FK – We need “Liberal”(commie) trash season in the worst way. Maybe the wolves will cut down on the beaver population:

Beaver Attacks are Serious

FK – The world is a dangerous place. There are less dangerous places, but no ‘safe’ places.