Will Gay Marriage Ruling Hurt Religious Freedom?

FK – Expecting our blood domestic enemies, the “Liberal”(commie) trash to do ‘what makes sense’ is like expecting the sun to rise in the North. They are waging war on us and the Bill of Rights. They are using the ‘gays’ and ‘minorities’ as tools. Nothing has really changed.

In the wedding industry if a business does a ‘half butt job’ that will also land them in court.

So when will some now broke and homeless former business owner make the
news for giving some of this trash what it so desperately deserves or for poisoning the cake?

Waking up is hard to do

2 thoughts on “Will Gay Marriage Ruling Hurt Religious Freedom?

  1. stretchyjim1

    i liked your site until the gay marriage stance. if you love liberty then let the gays get married. and if you know about conspiracies then why look past the biggest one, religion! Christianity like all other religions are not true, they are there to control the masses. a little research on the matter is easy. i was in that cult for 17 years until i did my own research. now with all confidence i can say fuck jesus and fuck the bible. the bible teaches ignorance and hate. wake up completely.

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