Why Police Kill And Get Away With It: Special Report

FK – So it’s all just a big show. Big surprise. What’s the encore?

150′ is a good shot for a handgun. In fact that’s almost exceptional in a stressed situation.

FK – Please let them bring in U.N. troops. It will be far easier to get Bubba to kill ‘the furriners’ than his cousin in the guard or his neighbor on the local cop force.

UN Attacks U.S. Gun Rights and More, Citing Ferguson and Cops

FK – This next column is a must read:

The Ferguson Conundrum Solved By Community Security

Fox News Insider: Armed ‘Oath Keepers’ Threatened With Arrest for Guarding Ferguson Shops

Ferguson Agitator Warns USA Today: Some ‘Going to Have to Die,’ ‘There Should Be Bloodshed

FK – Is the amerikan communist insurgency or the elites who back it getting desperate? Do they want real ‘race war’ in the cities now so they have an excuse to do as they please: recruit large numbers of idiots in their war against Human Liberty, as Lincoln did, and overwhelm us with numbers. You betcha.

CNN Flat-out Lies: Calls Ferguson Rioters “Peaceful”

Obama’s Latest Executive Order: $263 Million Federal Police Aid Program

FK – Cameras on cops may seem like a good thing but it might take away their discretion in deciding whether or not to enforce evil law. With their ‘superiors’ constantly looking over their shoulders they may feel forced to act like the Nazis our so-called ‘laws’ demand.

Video: Ferguson protesters pick a fight with snipers protecting businesses

FK – Property over trash that doesn’t respect property rights or Human Liberty. What a twisted brain-dead mentality. He should have asked the creatures if they planned to torch the building.