Why Conservatives Opt for Propaganda Over Reality

The less charitable way is to say Pew discovered that conservatives are consuming a right-wing media full of lies and misinformation, whereas liberals are more interested in media that puts facts before ideology. It’s very much not a “both sides do it” situation. Conservatives are becoming more conservative because of propaganda, whereas liberals are becoming more liberal while staying very much checked into reality.

That this polarization is going on isn’t a myth. Previous Pew research shows the percentage of Americans who are “mostly” or “consistently” conservative has grown from 18% in 2004 to 27% in 2014. During that same period, the percentage of Americans who are “mostly” or “consistently” liberal stayed a little more consistent, growing from 33% to 34% in 10 years. (These statistics don’t measure what you call yourself, but what you rate as on a scale of beliefs about various issues.) While liberals became more liberal, conservatives both became more numerous and more rigidly conservative over time. What gives?

FK – What gives indeed. The evil creatures lied to me all my life. They’re still telling the same basic lies but with only slightly altered terminology. My comments posted there:

Propagandists whining about propaganda. It would be funny if we weren’t in such dire straights.

Get ready to do what will be required, for our blood domestic enemies will still be lying when hell thaws out again. There is only one ultimate way to stop them.