Why 1995 is the Year that Created the Future

FK – Is this ‘professor of journalism’ really unaware of a book written by one of it’s alleged peers?: ‘The Third Terrorist

The author has been interviewed on mainstream news channels.

McVeigh was a tool. Kinda like our presidents. The OK city bombing deflated what had been a burgeoning patriot/militia movement.

I ignored the O.J. trial to the best of my ability. More distraction for the sheeple. This ‘professor’ is playing his part. Is this channel?

Collin Powell was/is another tool in waiting to be activated. I attended a rally for Pat Buchanan in 96 I think it was in Georgia. A newswhore told me there were more people there waiting before Buchanan even arrived than showed up for Dole the day before.

I haven’t voted for a mainstream recommended(so and so can’t win so vote for the whore who can) candidate for prez since 92 when I voted for Klinton because it said it was against NAFTA, another lie for its masters. I foolishly thought we could tolerate a little of its socialist evil. Won’t make that mistake again: http://www.willowtown.com/promo/blogfppolawrns.htm

The most important thing about the Lewinsky affair is when she told the newswhores “I was taught to lie.” Which meant to me her parents raised her that way which says a lot about a portion of our society that is working openly to destroy our nation and the Bill of Rights from within.

Communism is alive and well here, regardless of who or what really created it. When millions believe in a falsehood to the point they’re willing to kill you over it, it becomes very real.