What You REALLY Need to Know About Hillary’s Earpiece

FK – Bundy Ranch was open rebellion. The Fed Nazis just didn’t shoot back. Now they’re railroading people into prison, business as usual, and this nation of non-men is doing nothing about it.

Here’s the only thing the ‘vets’ needed to say to the witch: “If you succeed in passing ‘Australian style gun control’ we will come to the District of Commie criminals and build the granite gallows that should already be there and hang you from it. Then we will execute an extensive and thorough “Liberal”(commie) trash season whereby we cleanse our land of the plague that is destroying it from within.’

But then most of our ‘vets’ aren’t men either, but cowards and prostitutes. Simple fact.

I’m a vet, do ya’ want to thank me?

Anything else the CFR witch says means nothing, anymore than anything Trump says means anything. We know the witch’s record for which it should’ve been tried and executed long ago along with its husband of convenience and Trump has no record of supporting Human Liberty. So this is all a charade, a play put on for fools and children.

Anyone who’s watched this crap, the 4 year quest for the idiot vote, for a couple decades and hasn’t caught on to the sham is in reality lying to themselves, even if only on a subconscious level, because the last thing the average dumbass wants is personal responsibility for the world around it. That’s why they look for a prez or a savior to wave a magic wand and solve their problems for them.

It’s all about fear, and greed:

FK – Because the moronic voters(tea partiers, conservatives, ‘moderate’ commiecrats, etc.) still think our greatest enemies have brown skin and are hiding in a cave on the other side of the world.


Clinton Versus Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement

FK – I thank you for writing what I have wanted to for months but my level of disgust with the human animal has been too high for too many years now.

If only we could ensure all ‘liberty’ activists would at least read it. I fear it’s over the head of the average dumbass.

Now back to business as usual:

FK – As the old saying goes if you want to know if you can trust the govt. just ask the Indians.

I’m in favor of affordable gas as much as anyone but what price do we make others pay to get it? Do we always just ‘take it’ as Trump wants to do? Is that the ‘christian’ thing to do?

As a commenter wrote in the YouTube comments, the Bundy’s are in prison for allegedly ‘destroying’ native artifacts.

I won’t get into the issue of how absurd it is to pretend that our own cemeteries will still be cared for 100 years from now when most people don’t even know where their own great-great-grandparents are buried. Or how absurd it is when the Indians(native Americans) demand control of all human remains past a certain age because it’s ‘their’ ancestors when their ancestors were just as nomadic as ours. See Kennewick Man.

The sad truth is that for most it’s only about this:

FK – I’ve seen versions of this for years. The question that’s long been in my mind is: Is there enough gold and silver to go around? What would a ‘dollar’ really be worth if we went back to a gold or metal based system? As the old folks around here used to say about the not-so-good-old days – “No one had any money.” Would we be like them? Lots of us have no money now whether we don’t earn it or whether our incomes can’t keep up with our incessant craving for the newest thing.

And there were cycles of depression, boom and bust, before the Fed was created. There probably always will be no matter what economic system we pretend to adopt.

When international exchanges of currency take place it’s usually by electronic means so it’s all ones and zeroes with a label anyway, except for the un-laundered drug money headed to the big banks. I read an article years ago that claimed most U.S. currency is over seas and most of that is counterfeit.

The elites get away with this garbage because they know the sheeple will always just graze and breed and only notice the wolf when it actually looks or acts like a wolf. And not always then…

Who can make war against the Beast? We could if only we would learn that we outnumber them.

Without our Liberty, our supposed riches mean nothing because they can be taken from us on a whim.

5 thoughts on “What You REALLY Need to Know About Hillary’s Earpiece

  1. Nathan Hamm

    While I can understand the frustration of see connections and truths that people around you seem unable or unwilling to see, being disgusted with those people and spoting off this kind of hateful trash about it is no different than standing up at a magic show and berating everyone in the audience for not seeing the slight of hand. For centuries and even eons people have observed how the subconscious mind processes information and how it can deceive a person even as that person is standing right in front of the truth. Long before anyone understood how or why this is, people learned to manipulate it. Magicians learned to trick the subconscious into telling the conscious mind it was seeing something other than the reality of what was actually happening. The conscious mind is then absolutely certain of something that is completely untrue. Marketers learned to manipulate preferences by manipulating the subconscious. Polaticians learned to rally support by manipulating the subconscious. Much of it is done, even now, without full understanding of the processes of the mind that are being manipulated by people who believe in their cause and that they are doing what’s right. Some is done with full understanding and malicious intent. It is definitely a good and necessary thing to bring to light these manipulations so people can make proper conscious evaluations of issues. However attempting to do so by expressing hatred and contempt for people who have fallen victim to those manipulations is counterproductive and only causes those people to become more entrenched in their views. There’s are not evil demon people with wicked intent. They’re normal, mostly good, human beings who are operating off of false information that their subconscious has told them is fact. It is the natural process of the conscious mind to believe what the subconscious tells it. If you could not trust you subconscious you what not be able to function. You would be unable to trust that if you get out of bed the floor will actually be there for you to stand on. Unable to pass strangers on the street because your subconscious is what evaluates your surroundings, references past experience and alerts the conscious mind to potential threats. If you couldn’t trust your subconscious your conscious mind would be working overtime to process the 70 million bits of information your subconscious processes every sec, unable to keep up and ultimately unable to do what a conscious mind is ment for. Higher thought. Hating people for trusting their subconscious, even if their subconscious has been manipulated, is not only ignorant, but it makes you another cog in the machine. People aren’t swayed by hateful people telling them how stupid and evil they are. That only strengthens their resolve to stay the course. People are swayed by compassionate people who take the time to help them see the slight of hand rather than take the lazy over travelled road of “I’m right and your stupid.” People how are patient and know that some time are person has to see the trick several times before they can spot the slight of hand.
    Basically being right don’t give you the right to be a dick, and if you think they’re aren’t some slight of hand tricks that you’ve bought into, then you’re the idiot. There are so few people able to sus out the true. Don’t spout hate and relegate yourself to the dismissable conspiracy fringe. Be a voice of reason who understands that we’re all just trying to do the best we can, and that we’re all more alike than different.

    1. waypasthadenough2

      “There’s are not evil demon people with wicked intent. They’re normal,
      mostly good, human beings who are operating off of false information
      that their subconscious has told them is fact.”

      Don’t be a child. We’ve had the net for 20 years. It’s very easy to learn how evil socialism and ‘gun control’ are. There’s NO EXCUSE for the willful ignorance I see around me, mortgages, car payments and kids sports notwithstanding.

      The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time but that’s not really an excuse for the aversion to personal responsibility most sheeple exhibit for the world around them or their representative republic or the Bill of Rights which is what makes us exceptional or Human Liberty.

      The klintons are highly intelligent educated shysters. Their masters certainly know full well what they do. Evil is the only word that fits. They choose on a daily basis what they do to us.

      Do you enjoy making excuses for those would enslave you further or who vote to kill you every time they vote?: http://www.willowtown.com/reality/friends.htm

      If you had spent much time on my websites reading my columns and following the links you might understand why the following is so appropriate:

      Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering “How did this happen to me?” The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.

      It’s time to stop arguing over the culture war. It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It’s time to start thinking Normandy.

      If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.

      The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.

      What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?


      – The old game of balancing the needs of the many vs the needs of the few is an old one. It’s OK if they choose you for the sacrifice right?

      What choices are you training your subconscious to make?

      1. Nathan Hamm

        Clearly you’ve missed my point. Issues aside, if you’re not capable of understanding that everyone has a complex and unique history that informs they’re views and understanding that to them is valid true regardless of what you think of it, then you will never be able to bring anyone in opposition to your side. You don’t bad mouth and disrespect your way to winning a debate. When you start your retort with “don’t be a child” you show yourself to be disrespectful and closed other points of view, and therefore not worth listening to. If you’re want to change minds and bring people to your side this is a very poor tactic. Anyone who disagrees with you, the people who should be your target audience, are never going to listen to anything you say. They will tune out the very first time you disrespect them. But I don’t think the opposition is your target audience, nor changing minds you goal. I think you want feel important and have a circle jerk with people who arleady agree with you. I can understand you might confuse this with inspiring people and making a difference, but it is actually damaging to your cause. Belittling your opposition will net you exactly zero converts, and will actually push some fence sitters, put of by your disrespectful approach, to your opposition, or to just stay out of the whole hateful mess. I myself am choosing to stay out of your circle jerk. I don’t expect to have any effect on your way of thinking, and I don’t wish to argue the issues. My only hope is that people will stop being so god damn hateful.

        1. waypasthadenough2

          I called you ‘child’ because like most in our dumbed-down pacified society you think our domestic blood enemies(if you aren’t one of them) will one day turn from their evil ways of their own accord and you don’t mind nurturing your apathy with mal-educated over analysis(if they think about anything at all) while we are all picked off one at a time.

          Maybe this will help you, but I doubt it: http://www.willowtown.com/reality/friends.htm

          And apparently you missed this one too: http://www.freekentucky.com/the-must-readwatch-page/

      2. Nathan Hamm

        Now that I’ve read a bit more of your reply I realize that your circle jerk goes a little further. You have such an inflated sense of the righteousness that you want to rally troops for armed revolution. You talk about people being sacrifices while you’re building your own alter right beside them and asking your buddies to join you on it. You’re talking about fighting a war of minds with guns. Pretty trying to burn your house down to fight the monsters under your bed. This is predictable, controllable behavior that is actually useful to your adversary. You’re a cog because you make your cause sound crazy and violent and something for what you call “sheeple” to keep their distance from. If you do actually start and armed revolt it would be even more beneficial to your adversary because you’re just lighting the fire on your alter. You don’t place chess with a baseball bat. If you the cops come and hall you away and you forfeit the game. You can stay enraged, spotting hate and sounding crazy, or you can calm down, clear you head of judgment clouding rage and put devote some level headed intelligent thought to your goal and how to achieve them without trying to murder your neighbors and set fire to your country.

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