What should I do if I get shot?

There are a wealth of resources available, but I would like to add this.

It may seem daunting, like being a surgeon, but projectile wounds that don’t break bones are mostly plumbing and ventilation. Stop the leaks, keep the pressure up, get expert help ASAP.

For a bleed, apply everything you can at once – direct pressure, arterial pressure, and elevation.

Elevation may be all you have in a groin or internal wound. The worst casualty I ever evacuated had survived almost three hours with both legs crushed flat, simply because he was hanging upside down in rubble.

I call this the “teapot effect” put the hole at the highest point to keep the tea in. If it is a lung wound where the threat is respiration, you put the wound down to let fluids out of the chest.

FK – This is a question on Quora, with some interesting responses…

One possible alternative: