What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?

FK – I’d get my DNA analyzed in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Supposedly I’m part Ameri-Indian and who knows what else. I don’t lie awake nights worrying about it. It’s time to get past all this crap and work for real Human Liberty and justice for all…

Jim Crow in the Holy Land

FK – In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives can’t be questioned.

FK – Weren’t most of the European ‘Jewish’ immigrants to Palestine socialists? Aren’t most modern ‘Jews’ secular Marxists? What is ‘Reform Judaism?’

Israel wouldn’t exist if not for the British and American empires and the Rothschilds.

Why couldn’t they have immigrated to Western Australia and created their ‘promised land’ there and not endangered the entire world with a war over 3000-year-old tribal propaganda?

FK –  So why did the ‘Hebrews’ sacrifice animals in their temple to feed the priests? There’s even a movement today to re-build the temple and re-start the sacrifices which shows just how insane the human race is.

The ‘statements’ were created by humans for their own purposes. Common sense says this.

The modern ‘christian’ god wants us to be good to our fellow human beings so he can threaten to burn them alive in fire forever? Huh?

The ‘golden rule’ is great until you meet someone who doesn’t mind being treated as a slave, then votes to treat everyone else the same way.

So why didn’t the angel who threw Adam and Eve out of the garden hand them a copy of the ten statements on the way out?

Why didn’t Jesus, the ‘son of god,’ have a secretary so millions wouldn’t die in religious wars fighting over what he actually said/meant?

If it’s about ‘freedom’ why do most mainstream preachers tell their flocks to sit on their asses and wait for the world to end while blindly obeying the ‘magistrates’ appointed over them and willingly paying a ‘voluntary’ income tax that has been defeated in the courts?

I’d be willing to bet the Pharaoh actually kicked the ‘Jews’ out of Egypt because he was afraid they’d end up running the place like they damn near do this modern empire. I say ‘damn near’ because we do manage to do a few things without the approval of the chosen unmentionables.

Even slaves need ‘self control’ to keep from doing things their masters don’t like…

Who are those who really seek to be our masters and why?