Welfare Mother of 8 Says $40,000 A Year Not Enough

FK – Where are the daddies?

To get benefits they should be required to produce DNA from the biological father. Any male that has a second kid it refuses to support should be dragged down to the emergency room and provided a ‘free’ vasectomy. This cow should have had it’s tubes tied after the 2nd parasite was squeezed out. Yeah, one of them could be the next Beethoven, but what are the odds, really?

Better yet, if we’re gonna have ‘socialism’ in whatever evil form, all teenage males should be provided the opportunity to have enough of their little squiggles put on ice to last them a lifetime before getting a vasectomy.

Benefits mum-of-eight Marie Buchan: ‘My kids deserve a bumper Christmas too’

Welfare: A Better Deal than Work

FK – They forgot to mention how so many ’employers’ treat their ‘human resources’ like jackasses.