FK – The header is inaccurate but it’s interesting never the less. What it lacks is proper explanation which I’ll attempt to provide:

At the end there is soft allusion to the ancient tribal propaganda, from the tribe of the unmentionables that is, and the actual rare mention of ‘watchers'(two or three times in the entire ‘king james’ edition) and ‘nephilim‘(not actually in there). I’ve watched a lot of docs on this issue and read some things over the years and don’t claim to be an ‘expert,’ especially since most experts are whores for one institution or another, and showing these skulls which may or may not be ‘human’ and stones that we supposedly lack the ability to work in a similar manner does not the ancient tribal propaganda prove.

Myth and legend and esoterica and symbolism which the ancient tribal propaganda consists of is as always a mix of actual history and utter Bravo Sierra. That’s just how it works. Someone sat down and made it all up, loosely based, or it was ‘inspired,’ like modern books and movies by ‘actual’ events that our primitive ancestors obviously lacked the knowledge to comprehend. That’s how writing works.

We could go back in a time machine and record one of the original writers, whoever they really were, while working on a scroll and bring back an original copy and it would still be a bunch of stuff someone made up.

Those who argue otherwise are basically children.

What passed for ‘knowledge’ in those times was normally controlled by a cadre of elites and their immediate servants, whether priests or bureaucrats, kinda like now.

Personally I ‘think‘ not ‘believe‘ from what I have seen and read that the ‘watchers’ have indeed been with us for a very long time and probably have subtly influenced our evolution into the self-replicating biological robots(trainable slaves) that we are now. This may include influencing the writers of various versions, sub-versions or subversions of ancient tribal propaganda from various ancient cultures, for whatever real purposes.

But again, that doesn’t ‘prove’ that any of the versions, sub-versions and subversions of ancient tribal propaganda of whatever tribe is ‘true’ or inerrant. Only a child argues otherwise.