WARNING: Get Ready and Get Prepared

FK – As many others have said the Founders would’ve been shooting by now. They went to war over much less.

The modern preachers and church have been prostituted by the state. But then maybe it was meant to be that way from the beginning: Obey the magistrates appointed over you; pay your taxes to Caesar(though we have no Caesar here); sit on your ass and do nothing because it’s all been written down and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it(I’ve heard that one many times, though not in those exact words); cause we’re all gonna get beamed up soon but send your children to the govt. schools so they can get good jobs and have good incomes until Jesus comes; be a good slave and you’ll have paradise in the next life.

We need to stop waiting for the world to end and start thinking about what ‘civilization’ will transition to next, because that’s what history is, transition. It’s the book of ‘Revelation’ not the book of “OMG the world’s gonna end so we need to stock up on beans and raise a garden.”

The Founders stood up like men and women and killed their enemies. They conquered this continent and we draw our food and water from its blood-stained ground. Too many have forgotten or never knew that or are too squeamish and/or pathetic to want to think about it.

Every time another moron says “There ain’t nothin’ you can do about it,” for whatever excuse then another nail is driven in Liberty’s coffin. Those who do so are really the ones who are killing our country, not those who won’t follow whatever version, sub-version or subversion of the ancient tribal propaganda they interpreted to suit their own desires.

Try 160 years. And for the benefit of the simple-minded I’m not advocating a return to chattel slavery or taking the vote from women and on and on. Read “The Real Lincoln” and learn what that war was really about then read “The Life of Johnny Reb” and “The Life of Billy Yank” and see in their own words what they fought for. Lots of ignorant 19-year-olds die on battlefields.

The Romans lost their republic about 80 years after its founding as we did, and their empire survived for hundreds of years afterward and only completely collapsed after monotheism was introduced into their society.

I’ve been hearing about ‘the end’ for over 50 years. I’ll never forget the preacher who stood before me in a revival in the late 70s and said “I think it’ll all be over by 1985.”

How disgusting.

The Founders didn’t go dig a hidey hole and they already new how to subsist. They organized and trained and did what was required by going forth to meet their enemies where they were.

We have a Bill of Rights that makes us ‘exceptional’ among all other nations, a document that recognizes rights found in no other and even a ban on ‘cruel and unusual punishment,’ something primitive religions and those who follow them don’t have.

The sad fact is the next war will also likely be fought over which form of authoritarianism will dominate and as usual millions will die over causes they barely understand. That is the human condition until we learn a better way.