Walter E Williams – Is America Any Different Than Rome?

FK – Rome lost it’s republic after 80 years, like us. It existed for hundreds of years as a dictatorial empire. Our modern masters have simply re-worked the paradigm, democracy as it’s called, to deceive the average dumbass into thinking he’s free.

We will not get back to the Bill of Rights, and the form of government we’re supposed to have, until enough who claim to love Liberty develop the backbone to do what will be required. Eventually it will be forced on them, but by then it may be too late.

FK – It’s been my experience that most who don’t read books have little interest in conversing with those who do about anything that actually matters.

The average dumbass will never read Rand, Rothbard, Mises, Rockwell, etc. They will continue to vote according to their stomachs and their glands for a long time to come.

We may win a few political battles, as we’re doing with the war on the Second Amendment, but that doesn’t mean we’ll win the big war. The now red house is controlled by the elites and recent actions or in-action by the republicrat congressional leadership shows we will have to do what will required.