Vanderboegh BamaCarry speech highlights ‘two countries’ and new paradigm

Liberty activist, citizen journalist and founder of the “Three Percent” movement Mike Vanderboegh addressed attendees at the 2015 Alabama Firearms Freedom Conference hosted by BamaCarry in Pelham Saturday. The “debut” event for the “no compromise” gun rights group featured several speakers, including political figures, among the right to keep and bear arms advocates.

FK – That’s the ‘all’ that’s in the dictionary.

Obama’s ATF proposal on M855 ammo fuels fears of backdoor gun control

FK – Conspiracy theories? Which ones? I want to know, because so many of them have turned out to be true.

Illinois Democrat’s ‘Firearms Registration Act’ may test new paradigm

FK – That such trash is not automatically arrested, tried and executed shows how far gone we are.

Doctor claims it dangerous to ‘expose’ young teenagers to machine guns

FK – Our domestic blood enemies fear being exposed to our machine guns. That’s all it’s about.

Federal agents ‘catch and release’ open carry activist in Washington

FK – When we’re forced to start catching, we won’t release…

Washington activists plan peaceful armed assembly response to activist’s arrest

FK – If they keep pushing they’ll get more than flummoxed…

Emily gets her gun permit ‘preliminary approval’; alert on hearing in Olympia

Miller was the 15th person to be granted a carry permit out of 76 applicants. Thirty-one of those applications were turned down, she reported, and another five cancelled their applications. This is the way gun prohibitionists would like the right to bear arms regulated in every corner of the country.

FK – Some good news? When will we stop begging this trash for our Liberty?

“There are some people who imagine that they can disarm their enemy by complacent flattery. They are wrong. The world has always belonged to the stronger and will belong to them for many years to come. Men only respect those who make themselves respected. Whoever becomes a lamb will find a wolf to eat him.” – Vilfredo Pareto