United Nations to Propose Global Lead Ammo Ban

The document also claims the economic impact of such a ban will be minimal to hunters, which is patently false given that a research firm found that such an existing ban in California will likely lead to a 300% increase in the price of ammo sold in the Golden State.

“Based on a survey of California hunters, higher ammunition prices will drive 36% of California hunters to stop hunting or reduce their participation,” the 15-page report by Southwick Associates and the National Shooting Sport Foundation states. “Thirteen percent of California hunters report they would stop hunting [entirely] as a result of the higher prices.”

“An additional 10% were unsure if they would continue to hunt and another 23% said they would likely hunt less than in recent years.”

FK – We should be hunting and eradicating the “Liberal”(commie) trash that conceives evil like this. Why we aren’t is beyond my comprehension.