UN Plotting to “Dramatically Alter” Your Views and Behavior

The UN document, while packed with contradictory machinations, essentially outlines what establishment proponents of global government have long described as a “New World Order.” In essence, the UN panel called for a top-down restructuring of human civilization under the guise of tackling poverty, “unsustainable” activities, and “climate change.” The international outfit and its mostly dictatorial member regimes will set the agenda, with regional, national, and sub-national governments expected to foist it on humanity.

Literally every person on Earth must submit and contribute, the planetary establishment claimed on multiple occasions in the radical document. It was not immediately clear what would happen with those who refuse

FK – Good luck with that. Remember, they always over-reach, and take temporary satisfaction in achieving part of their goals, coming back later for the rest leading to inter-generational acceptance, indoctrination, adaptation and enslavement.