UFO reports declassified: Aliens in Project Blue Book? 12,500 sighting reports

Numerous UFO reports have been declassified this week in a collection of documents known mysteriously as “Project Blue Book.” While UFO enthusiasts across the globe are wondering whether this recently revealed set of pages will confirm proof of aliens or extraterrestrial life, it does at least list a number of odd sightings — many with explanations — that have been recorded in the skies over the past decades. Over 12,500 reports are included. News Max shares this Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, that the US Air Force has at last disclosed the files on the Web for public viewing.

Since anyone can remember, people have speculated that there must be life outside of just Earth. With sightings of UFOs cropping up on a frequent basis even today, could it be that there are aliens out there, just waiting to be discovered — or who may have already discovered us? Thanks to the efforts of John Greenewald, a notable UFO aficionado and enthusiast, these US Air Force documents are now available for all to see.

Sadly for those looking for immediate proof of extraterrestrial life, the most burning questions within the 130,000 pages or so have already been answered — USA Today confirms that there is no definitive description of otherworldly travelers, verifications of abductions, or any alien invasions to be found. However, these declassified reports of “Project Blue Book” do allow readers an inside look at what agencies have kept secret from the public for decades.

FK – There have been tens of thousands of ‘legitimate’ sightings. Start in the modern era with the ‘foo fighters‘ of WWII, seen by allied and axis pilots, doing things human aircraft of that time were incapable of. They’re still doing things our aircraft are incapable of and have been for at least thousands of years. Time to get over our denial. We’re the tadpoles in the pond and we may be someones’ guinea pigs, pets or resource or nature preserve or all the above.