Trump On Hillary: Worst Secretary Of State In History

FK – The problem is the idiots keep voting for a candidate to “…make amerika great again…” No president is capable of that, well unless we get one with the backbone and gonads to do what will be required, which I’m not holding my breath for. Even Paul doesn’t have that much courage. We are a nation of cowardly whores.

I was going to lead this post with a Rand Paul vid on Trump that showed trump harping on the klintons and what nice ‘people'(loosely defined) they are. Then I noticed Paul has disabled comments on that vid and apparently on others, ticking off a lot of YouTubers and would be voters. I may be a past voter because of it. We’re truly in the shit can on this prez election cycle. But then that’s really nothing different.

Free speech is what the internet is. If Paul or his lackeys don’t get that they have a serious problem and deserve no more of anyone’s support. Holding their feet to the fire means just that.

Putting another NWO RINO hack in the now red house will only put millions of ‘conservative'(loosely defined) idiots back to sleep as they saunter off to the couch or the golf course or the fishin’ hole or the stock market, whatever their thing is. Hitlery in the now red house will at least keep everyone awake and pissed off and learning, and they all have so much more to learn in order to accept the reality of what will be required.