Tori Nonaka “Team Glock” World Class Athlete WeaponsEducation

FK – We’re going to need many more like her.

Because of garbage like this:

FK – We’ve had the internet for 20 years. It’s too easy to learn how evil socialism and the effort to disarm us all really is. And there are so many others that we should be at the very least expelling from our ‘free country.’ In reality it will take an eradication. This arrogant garbage won’t stop lying until it’s forced to stop.

This is why the evil creatures want us disarmed:

FK – Who or what is allowing this evil, this zombie apocalypse, to encroach on western civilization? What should we be doing about it?

FK – Some of the ignorant but sincere ones can be converted to the cause of Liberty. But the fact remains we’ve had the internet for 20 years now and our domestic blood enemies are still telling basically the same evil lies they always have.

But if a beauty queen can get it:

FK – That vid is from September.

FK – We must make America a “Liberal”(commie) trash-free zone.

Or they will turn us all into criminals:

FK – Let me be clear. We are at war. To deny this is to deny reality. The only recourse will be forcing our domestic blood enemies to stop lying and stop attacking our Bill of Rights, the document that makes us exceptional.