Thousands of exotic animals are shipped through Seattle each year

The United States is one of the world’s most prolific importers of wildlife. An analysis of federal wildlife-declaration records shows more than 7,800 lion trophies have been legally imported into the United States since 1999, nearly 250 of those through the Port of Seattle.

More than 39,000 African trophy animals have been legally shipped through Seattle since 1999, including 15 white rhinoceroses, nearly 200 elephants, more than 300 leopards and nearly 1,200 cape buffaloes, species — along with lions — that make up the so-called “Big Five” species of African hunting.

A Paul Allen-backed initiative this November will bring the African conservation fight to Washington voters but largely leave trophy hunters out of its crosshairs. Initiative 1401 would criminalize the sale and distribution of parts and products of 10 species, including elephants, tigers and lions. The campaign believes that would “reduce the incentive for trade and the poaching of these animals,” said spokesman Aaron Pickus.

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