They Don’t Want You to See TPP text! Demand to Here!

FK – Screw democracy. Demand Liberty. Some whining about this had no problem with the congress commies voting for commie care without reading it.

Everyone wants to enforce their version of authoritarianism.

White House site says petition is closed because it didn’t meet the signature requirements.

We’re gonna have to go up there, not packin’ signs.

The petition seems to have been shut down.

Trading Away Their Oaths

Senate Finance Committee backs ‘fast-track’ of Obama’s trade bill

FK – Did sanders vote on commie care without reading it?

Screw democracy. Demand Liberty. Neither the govt. nor the corporations should be allowed to treat us like jackasses.

FK – The American corporations(buy amerikan?) didn’t move their plants to other countries because they felt sorry for the peasants. They want desperate workers who will do or say anything to get or keep a job and tolerate being treated like jackasses.

FK – The one thing worse than being poor is being blinded by greed. Controlled greed is good. But it’s an addiction for many. Most who make money or are successful at business think of little else. I’ve seen this too many times.