The truth of what is really going on at the Texas-Mexico border is frightening

Carlos indicated that the intent was to move as much control, people and resources into the U.S. to “make things easier for their drug and smuggling” operations.

“They use money to buy up politicians, policemen, border agents, and businesses across the (Texas side) border so they can get their drugs, prostitutes, and whatever they want in-and-out quicker and safer,” Carlos continued. “This makes it more easy if someone, like from Pakistan or Syria or wherever wants to come to the United States, they can pay the cartels to do that.”

In the 60 Minutes interview, Comey said that terrorist networks in Syria are a creation of “the metastasis of al Qaeda” and identified their two major groups, al Nusra and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Both have been targets of the recent bombings lead by U.S. forces in the area according to various news sources.

“There are more and more whispers and meetings and Middle Eastern talk in this (South Central Texas) area and within the Islamic community’s leadership about something going down,” claimed Tony. “And I am afraid, very afraid it is not going to be good for America.”

FK – Fences work both ways.

Proof: Virus leaving U.S. children paralyzed did come from Central America