The Rule of Law is a Myth

FK – Never been to shyster school but of course the ‘law’ is inherently political. Politics is human nature and vice versa.

So if all the basic shyster students know this then all practicing shysters know they are participating in a scam whereby they enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and the ignorant, just as I’ve long figured.

One can find a ‘precedent’ or excuse in the case law just like the bible. No surprises there, since many black-robed shysters are authoritarians or whores for some system or corporation or another.

My solution?: Keep a militia force on hand in every county in this country whose primary job is the protection of the Bill of Rights. Whenever any elected, hired or appointed public servant clearly attempts to subvert the Bill of Rights they’re immediately arrested, given a speedy treason trial the same day and executed the same day via the granite gallows in front of the ctiy hall, court house, state house, U.S. capitol, and now Red House with the vid posted on the net for the world to see.

Here’s the guy’s article.