The Revolution That Is Burning Man?

FK – The government’s not here the guy says? Gee, they’re on fed. govt. claimed land and they have to abide by fed govt. rules to be there, so the govt. isn’t there. That’s great logic. They’ve also forbidden attendees’ most basic right since the beginning.

We’re headed for a ‘revolution’ all right, but do some of these idiots understand they may be its slaves?

Don’t worry about what people think but wear lipstick and get your teeth fixed… Looks do matter, always have, always will. it’s simple human biology.

Looks like it might be fun, to take in all the weirdness if nothing else, but not for 600 bucks and giving up my most basic right.

Why Burning Man is not an example of a loosely regulated tech utopia

FK – There’s nothing like heavily regulated hedonism: