The Paris Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

FK – Once more the brain dead sheeple will awaken temporarily from their slumber and dance about as the marionette constituents they are.

His page:

The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

FK – So what are the real reasons for all this hoopla?:

“Paris Changes Everything,” Say Merkel’s German Political Allies

RT – ‘Paris changes everything’: Merkel’s allies call for German refugee policy changes

FK – This is worth watching for the hitlery zombie vid meme near the end if nothing else.

So who are the ‘globalists?’ Why aren’t we naming them, making their existences miserable in any way we can, letting them know that they aren’t safe now, even in their own homes?

Do we keep shooting marionettes or do we go after the ones that matter?

Meanwhile our real enemies’ dupes are still their whiny selves:

FK – So where are these jr. commies/nazis whatever getting their indoctrination? Who or what is encouraging them in their insanity? Who or what are our real enemies?

And who or what do we really blame when we allow the empire to steal its money from our paychecks to pay for its evil?:

FK – We have a population of 300 million and about as many guns in private hands, so how much ‘destabilization’ can we handle here in amerika?

We need to stand up and take our country and government back. Can this be done via the ‘electoral’ process? Is there time for that? If not are we prepared for what will be required to deal with our real enemies, our domestic blood enemies who are responsible for all this evil?