The Only Journalists To Ever Be Inside Bilderberg During Lockdown

FK – They do it because they can, the marble and silverware that is.

No ‘eye contact’ makes me wonder about an alien presence there, or maybe they just really are that arrogant, or they’re afraid of infiltrators on the staff revealing their attendance. But then the attendance and membership lists are often public, or at least made so later.

Our masters aren’t successful in all they do:

FK – Funny how we rarely hear how Klinton the first said it was against NAFTA during its first campaign then shoved the ‘free trade’ pact through a commiecrat(party of the little man) congress during its first year in the now red house and then bragged about it.

But then that wouldn’t flow too well in the propaganda stream…

FK – And their tool isn’t doing that much better.

While their other tools may be waking up:

FK – See, it’s the aliens…

Not all ‘journalists’ are our friends. Most are whores at best, deserving of the treatment given to any war criminal:

FK – Yeah, it’s time to ‘update’ the constitution, to protect the Bill of Rights and to do what will be required.

Even Disney says it’s the aliens…

FK – Principalities and powers from on high. What does that really mean? The simple kindergarten versions we’re handed by the religions and entertainment media, or something else?