The Next American War in the Middle East—Let’s Win This Time!

With that Clausewitzian point in mind, we can add a codicil: In addition to making the enemy want to stop fighting, the victor must be able to hold his own political support together. And here, the recent history of the US in the Middle East is not very encouraging. Operation Iraqi Freedom, launched in 2003, was popular enough—even though the mission wasn’t quite accomplished—and in 2004, George W. Bush was re-elected, albeit narrowly. Yet by 2006, support for the war had dropped precipitously, and the voters vented their frustrations on Republicans in Congress; the GOP lost control of both the House and the Senate in those midterms. And even though Bush’s 2007 “Surge” was a military success in Iraq, it didn’t change the domestic politics back home. In 2008, Republican John McCain lost the White House in a landslide, and Republicans in Congress took another drubbing.

So then we saw what happens when political support for a war evaporates. As we know, the new president, Barack Obama, couldn’t wait to get the last US ground forces out of to Iraq. He completed the US withdrawal in 2010, as he had promised to do. In fact, his “success” in withdrawing from Iraq was one of his key campaign planks; the 2012 Democratic platform included a headline praising the 44th president for “Responsibly Ending The War in Iraq.” And with that platform, Obama went on to win a second landslide.


Not surprisingly, hawkishness was on display at CPAC: The February 26 headline in Politico read, “Hawks Fly High at CPAC.” One of those war-birds at the Gaylord hotel, of course, was Marco Rubio. As Breitbart News’s Charlie Spiering noted, “As expected, he featured a robust foreign policy in his speech which is enjoying a bit of a comeback in the era of ISIS.” Yet in terms of upping the ante, Rick Perry flew even higher: ISIS, he declared, is “the worst threat to freedom since communism.”

FK – The worst threat ‘since’ communism? Really? Who are our real enemies? What does Perry think(I’m being gracious toward a NWO hack) is in the now red house?

If the ragheads get a foothold over here it’ll be because of laws passed or not enforced by our domestic blood enemies. Keep the troops home, bring the troops home, and open “Liberal”(commie) trash and Zionist bankster season. Let’s fix our problems here for once.