The Jailing of Kim Davis

FK – Disagreeing with the court is not necessarily ‘irrelevant.’ We the People are the ultimate arbiters of our rights, not a row of black-robed shysters whose decisions are often no less affected by their own values, prejudices, authoritarian leanings, than anyone else.

As is often noted the marriage license was brought about in part to prevent interracial marriage. So what had once been a power of the church became a privilege granted after the payment of a fee or passing of some test or another.

You need to do a search on the ‘fire in the theater’ thing. It’s not quite that simple.

I’ve often heard that ‘christians’ are ‘in the world’ but not ‘of the world.’ Answering first to any govt. is being ‘of the world.’ Taking on a public or govt. job that requires one do be ‘of the world’ such as supporting laws they find incompatible with their version, sub-version or subversion is going against this, one of their most basic commandments.

Where does all this end? I don’t expect to be in this realm long enough to see that outcome. Millions have already died in such wars. We may be headed for another one.

Oh that’s funny. The Kentucky Legislature voting to impeach or convict her. Not in this state. Even the commiecrats aren’t that stupid. It would probably hand the Kentucky House over to the RINOS in the next election cycle and and the already increasing enrollment for Republican voters would skyrocket.

Well, I don’t know, considering the stupidity of the commiecrat House Leadership it might be a possibility.

And that would be ‘God’s opinion’ to the average believer. Something many non-believers don’t seem to get. I was raised in that ignorance and have sat around several campfires listening to many versions, sub-versions and subversions. The mindset is not one of true ‘free will’ but slavery to ancient tribal propaganda and to a god that was clearly patterned after ancient tyrannical kings who looked down their noses at their subjects and said “Be good subjects(slaves, servants) or I’ll torture and/or kill you.

The human mind is still a long way from being free of the tyrannies of the past. That’s why billions have no problem with the concept that their god, that’s ‘their god’ will burn the vast majority of humans that ever existed alive in fire forever. Maybe this inclination was inserted into our DNA for some reason. I can’t imagine why.

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