The Hidden Teachings of Jesus

FK – What monk or yogi or whatever first sat around trying to put his tongue up his nose from the inside?

Somewhere in the ancient tribal propaganda it reads “Through god all things are possible…” or some such. If god by whatever name wanted to drive a tornado through a junkyard and turn primates into more advanced primates he, she or it could probably do so.

This is all very interesting but I didn’t see any more ‘proof’ than one normally gets from reading the various ancient holy propaganda of whatever source, which are mostly very poor histories. If god or the son of god or whatever couldn’t be bothered to write down during one of his incarnations exactly what he wanted us to know, or at least hire a secretary, without all the various versions, sub-versions and subversions being argued over and edited out or simply altered to suit the contemporary tastes or culture or rulers of that time then I don’t know what to say about it.

Ignorant people don’t understand how writing and literature and priests and schools and whatever else work, especially in a time, most of human history, when most of the sheeple were ignorant/illiterate and dependent on the ‘authorities’ to tell them what to think/do.

They don’t understand how writers can follow a style or whatever with variations on a theme and on and on which is clearly what the ancient propaganda is.

And I have no problem thinking we came from ‘less evolved’ meat eating primates. Every time I go into a men’s restroom and see where some so-called adult male has urinated on a commode seat, something a 5-year-old should know better than to do, I have no problem with the concept that I have gorillas as cousins.

From reading the comments on this I get the idea that a lot of ‘christians’ will be sorely disappointed if their version of their sadistic god doesn’t allow them to stand around watching billions being burned alive in fire forever, including kids and babies.