The Difficult, Devious, And Dangerous Dialectic

The word “progressive” has become one of their basic words. The Communist bookstore in Los Angeles is called the “Progressive” Bookstore. The last major political assault the Communists made on the presidency of the United States was through the “Progressive” Party. The Communists in labor unions always refer to themselves either as the “Militants” or the “Progressives.”

The Communists apply this principle of progress in change to their own status within society. Liu Shao-chi writes:

. . . the question arises: Can Communist society be brought about? Our answer is “yes.” About this the whole theory of Marxism-Leninism offers a scientific explanation that leaves no room for doubt. It further explains that as the ultimate result of the class struggle of mankind, such a society will inevitably be brought about.(2)

They are the wave of the future. Their victory is as certain as the rising of the sun because the same material law that causes the sun to rise in the morning has ordained that they shall conquer and rule the world. Of this they have no vestige of doubt.

FK – Don’t let the trash get away with hiding its evil behind cute names. Call the evil creatures what they are, commies.