The Curse of Lions

Sometimes I wonder if anybody (besides me) genuinely seeks peace and harmony in the world, or are all those who say they do merely deceiving both themselves and others? Because from my own observations, what they really want is not tranquillity and justice for everyone — what they really want is their own ethnic group or religion or political faction in complete control, and to hell with everyone else.

That’s what I see from all angles, in all groups, in every place on this Earth; from the nearly extinct American redmen, who yearn for endless buffalo and open plains as they cringe in their frigid concentration camps, to the justifiably paranoid white militiamen, holed up in their rural hideaways, waiting for Armageddon to arrive and preparing to defend themselves against it with their beloved popguns.

FK – This one is a must read. I don’t ‘agree’ that ‘the jews’ are ‘the problem’ but the evil ones among them are certainly part of the problem. It is a fact that most ‘jews’ in this country are secular Marxists. Also don’t miss Kaminski’s ‘The Hitler Test.’

As far as popguns go, these are my standard answers to ‘preppers:’

Millions will dig the ditch they are told to dig then wet their pants when the machine gun bolts slam home and die stupidly wondering “How did this happen to me?” The tiny minority will have to do what will be required.
It’s time to stop arguing over the culture war. It’s time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It’s time to start thinking Normandy.
If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.
The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.
What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?
Don’t understand? Start here.

And this: ‘Prepping for slavery