Ted Cruz: First President of the North American Union?

FK – And to think of all the energy about to be wasted over the next year and a half over a rigged contest…

Don’t miss the comments on the next one, way more than I’ve ever seen on a New American article:

Would Ted Cruz Make a Good President?

Heidi Nelson Cruz, Ted’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Deserve Libertarian Support

FK – Our states are supposed to be bastions of Liberty, not ‘laboratories of democracy.’

Why do you push ‘democracy’ when democracy is the road to socialism via Karl Marx and democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch?

I prefer Liberty, where the well-armed sheep gets to shoot back. Without that we’re all mutton for ‘they’ consider us to be livestock.

Why Rand Paul running for president is important even if he doesn’t win

FK – If Paul runs what will we end up with in the Senate?

 Rand Paul, Revisited

FK – Indeed, who can we trust? As someone in a vid I posted the other day pointed out we existed with ‘mutually assured destruction’ from  the Soviet Union for three decades and we’re supposed to fear a small country of ragheads that the empire could turn into a glass parking lot at a whim?