TBK Alert: Legislative Alert: SB 31 Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation

SB 31 – Anti Agenda 21 Legislation:

The idea behind the UN Agenda 21 is to influence local laws and ordinances that will create Social, Economic and Environmental Equality. This is not a treaty ratified by the US, they are even bypassing state governments and working in your local communities to achieve this. For further understanding of Agenda 21 please check out our Agenda 21 Basics PageOn this page you will find informational text and videos.

SB 31 Seeks to repeal and/or the implementation of local ordinances and laws that comply with the UN’s Agenda 21
Legislative Message Line Call 1-800-372-7181 TTY: 1-800-396-0305

Message 1) is for ALL Senate Leadership, YOUR Senator, and the Members of the Senate State and Local Government Committee:

“Please support and pass SB 31 and stop the encroachment of UN policies at the local level that conflict with the US Constitution and Kentucky Constitution”

Message 2) Thank the Sponsors of this Legislation: Sen John Schickel (R), Sen Robin Webb (D), and Sen Tom Buford (R). As you can see this legislation has bi-partisan support and fared very well in the Senate last year.

You have until NOON, Wednesday, Feb 5th, 2014
Legislative message line is open Monday through Thursday: