Take Back Kentucky endorses James Comer for governor

This election cycle, we have a real chance to take Kentucky in a positive direction, as we are blessed to have several good candidates running for Governor. However, Take Back Kentucky announces its official endorsement of James Comer, currently the Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner, as the best overall candidate in this race. Comer is from Monroe County, Kentucky, where he operates a family farm. Comer served Monroe, Green, Metcalf, and Cumberland Counties as their state representative for 11 years before becoming the Ag Commissioner in 2011.

While we cannot say that we have agreed with every vote Comer has ever made as a representative, we have found over the years of working with him in Frankfort that he is humble enough to admit when he is wrong like voting for HB 299 in 2005 that increased legislator’s pensions. For those that don’t know what Frankfort is like, it is no easy task sorting through legislation. There are some in this race that haven’t been put on the hot seat to make a good or bad vote legislatively in the mess that is Frankfort, and believe us when we say even the best legislators can make some of the worst votes. We do not expect perfection, but what we do expect is someone willing to listen and act.  Comer has done this. We recall when the 10th Amendment movement was just coming into full swing, certain legislators such as Stan Lee and James Comer worked front and center on passing our bills. Unfortunately those efforts failed, but it was not for a lack of trying. Organizing discharge petitions in a democrat-controlled House resulted in at least getting hearings.

Before his race for Ag Commissioner, Comer made a very tough decision in another race: fall in line with the State GOP and Sen. Mitch McConnell to endorse the very liberal Republican candidate and former Secretary of State Trey Grayson, or back a little-known local doctor who had some radical ideas about liberty that many in the GOP were leery of. What did Comer do? He endorsed Dr. Rand Paul, now one of Kentucky’s senators and presidential hopeful.

FK – Comer will likely draw a lot of votes from ‘conservative’ democrat farmers in the fall.